Grassroots Fundraiser for Syria

When Joslyn Massad of Tulsa, Oklahoma became a Fulbright Scholar in 2006, she took an oath as a cultural ambassador she continues to honor until today. The year she spent in Syria on her fellowship has shaped her life on many levels; from the experiences she’s had, the people she’s met, and the insights she’s gained.

Fast forward 10 years, and Joslyn has become one of the most successful grassroots fundraisers for Save the Children’s refugee crisis response. She first contacted us last fall about sending in proceeds from a yoga fundraiser she was organizing with a childhood friend. She has since continued to team up with people throughout her community to raise the voices of Syria’s children at local rallies, concerts, panels, events and restaurants. To date, she has collected $8,500 from donors across Oklahoma, using nothing more than a donation box, some posters and her voice.

Many thanks to Joslyn for her incredible efforts in spreading awareness and rallying support for the families of Syria.

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