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We know that you believe children deserve our best. At Save the Children, we feel the same way. Watch as we count down the top five child rights. 

Advocate for Children

Over 100 years ago, Save the Children’s pioneering founder established that children have rights. Today and every day, thanks to our supporters, we are advocates for the rights of 2.3 billion children around the world.

Our political advocacy arm – Save the Children Action Network – was founded in 2014. Together, we’re building bipartisan will and voter support to make sure every child in the U.S. has access to high-quality early learning, that children arriving at the southern border are respected and cared for and that girls around the world are given opportunities to lead.

Through research, partnership and advocacy, our Global Policy and Advocacy team educates and cultivates political leadership to adopt proven practices, policies and programs for the world’s most vulnerable children, families and communities.

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As the political voice for children, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) is working to ensure that all children in the U.S. have access to high-quality early childhood education, keeping children safe at the southern border and in conflict zones around the world, and ensuring that girls around the world are given opportunities to lead.

Visit Save the Children's political advocacy arm, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN).

Save the Children Girl Champion Maryam Ahmed from Nigeria visits the United Nations with our Public Policy and Advocacy staff. Photo credit: Save the Children, October 2017


Like our founder, Eglantyne Jebb, Save the Children is an outspoken advoate for children. Drawing on a century of expertise, we work to ensure children’s voices are heard, their rights are realized and their issues are given top priority.

We educate and engage policymakers to champion policies and programs that improve children’s lives, especially the most vulnerable, like those suffering in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis.

Our recent public policy and advocacy efforts have focused on educating all refugee children and promoting global gender equality. 


The war on children is raging. Children in places like Ukraine, Afghansitan, Syria and Yemen are on the frontline of an unprecedented global humanitarian crisis - their right to survival, protection and education is under immediate threat. We need to act now.  

Join our #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN campaign to stand up and speak out for the millions of children in danger around the world.