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Help Children in Ukraine and Ukraine Refugees 

  • Two years of war has been a catastrophe for children in Ukraine. They live in constant fear, with no end to the war in sight.
  • More than 4 million people in Ukraine remain internally displaced, while over 5.9 million have fled to neighboring countries as refugees
  • Thus far, Save the Children and local partners have supported more than 2.6 million people.
A graphic showing 14 million people in Ukraine in need.

14.6 million people in Ukraine need urgent humanitarian assistance

Graphic showing 80% as in the percentage of people in need of aid in Ukraine who also need mental health support.

Nearly 80% of those in need of aid also require mental health support 

A graphic showing 4, as in the number of children in Ukraine killed each day, on average.

More than 4 children a day are killed or injured, and this number is assumed to be a gross underestimate

Our Response in Ukraine and Neighboring Countries

Our team of around 340 staff, together with 30 local partner organizations, remain committed to supporting families in Ukraine. Together, we reached 2.6 million people, including over 1.1 million children in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

svg image showing water drops

61,986 hygiene kits, containing soap, disinfectant, shampoo and toothbrushes, were distributed

An icon of a stethoscope.

34,770 people received mental health and psychosocial support

An icon of a girl and boy holding hands.

1,847 children made friends, played sports, did crafts and practiced languages through our summer camps


83 digital learning spaces, equipt with educational materials to help children access education, were implemented

An icon of a handshake.

35,969 famillies were supported with cash transfers

An icon of a mother and child holding hands.

62 child-friendly spaces, where boys and girls can socialize, play, and feel like a children again, were set up

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families. Your generous support makes this work possible. Make a donation to the Children's Emergency Fund

Advocate for Ukraine refugee children and those displaced in Ukraine by  joining our political advocacy arm — Save the Children Advocacy Network's —  efforts to send a message to Congress.

Ukraine Crisis: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current situation for children in Ukraine?

Two years since the escalation of war in Ukraine, more than 10,500 civilians have been killed, including 587 children. Nearly 20,000 people have been injured, as constant bombardments, mines, and drone attacks have left a generation traumatized, displaced and fearful for their lives.

Millions of children are being forced to take shelter underground, as populated areas are still being targeted. Children have spent more than 900 hours hiding in bunkers across the country. The risk to their mental health and the potential for long-term trauma cannot be underestimated.

Explosions in urban centers severely damage residential houses, schools, hospitals, and other civilian objects, impairing access to basic items, healthcare and education.

What is the situation for refugees from Ukraine?

The war in Ukraine triggered the largest and fastest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. 

Because of ongoing violence, about 4 million people are still displaced within Ukraine and more than 5.9 million were forced to flee to neighboring countries.

Even though 67% of those internally displaced say they want to return home someday, many are unable to return to their homes as the war has shattered their communities and livelihoods.

Many displaced people struggle to integrate in their new communities, where it is difficult to find jobs and housing. 

Women make up 58% of the internally displaced and are more likely than men to experience unemployment and dependency on humanitarian aid.

What are the conditions like for displaced families living in Ukraine?

As the war continues, life is far from normal. Civilians are living day-to-day under the threat of missiles and shells, which continue to hit populated civilian areas, inflicting death and destruction to areas near and far from the frontlines. 

Many had to leave in a rush with few possessions, and are still struggling to find accommodation and employment in their new locations, and to access essential services like healthcare or education.

How is Save the Children supporting unaccompanied children fleeing war in Ukraine?

There are reports of children traveling on their own after being sent by family members who were unable to leave Ukraine but wanted their children to be safe from ground attacks and aerial explosions. Others have been separated from their families in the chaos of fleeing their homes. Many are under the age of 14.

Save the Children is working with local authorities to support the establishment of cross-border systems that can quickly identify unaccompanied and separated children and support their care. We know families might become separated because of desperate needs for cash, food and more. Save the Children is providing life-saving assistance so we can support families staying together as they shelter or evacuate.

How can I make a monthly donation to provide ongoing support to children living in conflict?

By joining Team Tomorrow as a monthly donor, your continued support can help make a major difference in the lives and communities of children around the world, including those growing up in conflict zones

What is significant about the two-year mark?

February 24, 2024 marks a grim milestone of the war in Ukraine. As the fighting heads into its third year since the escalation, humanitarian agencies in Ukraine remind member states of promises made to tackle this crisis.

Today, humanitarian support is more needed than ever.

Ukraine Crisis Facts:  

  • Population of Ukraine: 43 million
  • People in need: 14.6 million

How Your Support Helps:

  • People provided with humanitarian aid: 2.18 million
  • People we aim to reach in 2024: 1,042,500 

Two years on, we're supporting the resiliency of children in Ukraine

We will protect the children of Ukraine for as long as they need us.

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