What Is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving vehicle that provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to grant funds to charities of your choice.
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Donor-Advised Funds Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?
How does a Donor-Advised Fund work?
Are There Any Rules to Owning a Donor-Advised Fund?
What’s the Difference Between a Donor-Advised Fund and a Direct Donation?
Can a Donor-Advised Fund Be Used to Donate to a Private Foundation?
What Are the Benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund?
Is There a Tax Deduction for Donor-Advised Funds?
What is the Best Way to Contact Save the Children?

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is an investment account that is used for charitable giving. Donor-advised funds are considered the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States. DAFs can be relatively inexpensive to create and maintain, while also offering donors some ability to manage their tax situation through giving.

It is composed of donations made by individuals and administered by a third party. The third party is called the sponsoring organization. A donor-advised fund offers an immediate tax relief and allows you to support your favorite charities immediately or over time. 

How does a Donor-Advised Fund work?

A donor makes an irrevocable gift to a donor-advised fund and receives a tax deduction for the year the gift is made. Once the contribution is made, the sponsoring organization has legal control over the funds and the donor can make grant recommendations to the charity of their choice.

Are there any rules to owning a Donor-Advised Fund?

The IRS has specific guidelines around the kinds of organizations that are eligible to receive grants as well as the purposes these grants can serve. For example, grants can only be made to qualified charities and cannot be made to a person, or the donor cannot receive more than an incidental benefit, so it cannot be used for the admission price for an event of the gala.

What’s the difference between a Donor-Advised Fund and a direct donation?

The DAF donor receives tax documentation from the sponsoring organization of the DAF while a direct donor receives tax documentation from the charity.

Can a Donor-Advised Fund be used to donate to a private foundation?

Donor-Advised Funds can be used alongside private foundations.

What are the benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund?

  • Simple to establish
  • Flexible funding options
  • Easily Accessible
  • Tax advantage
  • Typically requires no minimum distribution
  • Anonymous granting
  • Investment options

Is there a tax deduction for Donor-Advised Funds?

Yes, the DAF donor receives tax documentation from the sponsoring organization of the DAF.

What is the best Way to contact Save the Children?

Please reach out to Grace-Ann Campbell, Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy, at daf@savechildren.org for further advice on how to make a charitable gift to Save the Children.

Thank you for appreciating the importance of our work and the critical role that philanthropy plays in making it possible.

Three great reasons to make a Donor-Advised Grant fund today.

Your support keeps children healthy and thriving. 

Your generosity gives children the opportunity to learn. 

Your kindness helps protect children from harm.

Tax ID
Save the Children
Tax ID 06-0726487

Mailing Address
Save the Children
501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400
Fairfield, CT 06825 


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