Climate Change Is a Grave Threat to Children’s Survival

In the U.S. and around the world, climate change is threatening children's lives and the future we all share. In the next 10 years, climate change could push another 100 million people into poverty, potentially reversing decades of progress.   

Extreme events, including wildfires, have become a frightening new normal. Hotter temperatures, air pollution and violent storms are leading to immediate, life-threatening dangers for children, including difficulty breathing, malnutrition and higher risk of infectious and diarrheal diseases. 

With your help, Save the Children is working in the U.S. and around the world to help children and their communities prevent, prepare for, and recover from climate-induced disasters.      

What are the Effects of Climate Change on Future Generations? 

The climate crisis magnifies inequality, poverty, displacement and may increase the likelihood of conflict.

  • Extreme temperatures leave many families living in poverty with less food, less clean water, lower incomes and worsening health.
  • Children’s immune systems are still developing, leaving their rapidly growing bodies more sensitive to disease and pollution.
  • Extreme events can destroy homes, schools, child care centers and infrastructure critical to children’s well-being.
  • Droughts and flooding can destroy crops and cut access to clean water.
  • The UN warns that many families will have to choose between starvation and migration.
A young boy stands in front of a damaged shelter in Mozambique where Cyclone Idai left a trail of devastation.

11-year old Renaldo’s school was heavily damaged when Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique in 2019. He says many things have changed since the cyclone and that his family now sleep outside.

What's Happening with the Climate Crisis Right Now?

Nearly 160 million live in areas with intense droughts — this is mostly in developing countries with little capacity to manage these environmental risks.

How to Help Children Impacted by Climate Change

Save the Children helps communities affected by climate change, ranging from families suffering severe drought in the Horn of Africa, to those suffering from more frequent wildfires or hurricanes in the U.S. 

Your donation today to the Children's Emergency Fund can support this important work. 


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