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What are the world's best and worst places to be a mother? The 12th annual Mothers' Index analyzes health, education and economic conditions for women and children in 164 countries.

Norway ranks #1 this year and Afghanistan ranks last. The United States comes in at #31 among the 43 developed countries ranked. See the FAQs below to find out why.

Also find below the full rankings and features illustrating the risks mothers and children face globally and the U.S. role in reducing preventable deaths.

Complete Mothers' Index
FAQs About the Mothers' Index
Chart: Rankings of 164 Countries Grouped by Level of Development
Chart: Top 10 and Bottom 10: Best and Worst Places to Be a Mother
Graph: South Korea Case Study – From Aid to Trade
Graph: U.S. Development Assistance Helps Save Lives
Graph: Spending on Defense vs. Development
Graph: How is U.S. Global Health Funding Distributed?
Graph: The U.S. Gives Most Overall, But Ranks 19th Relative to National Wealth
Graph: Reducing Maternal Mortality in Top USAID-Assisted Countries
Graph: Why Do Children Die?
Graph: Countries Whose Citizens Give the Most
Graph: Malawi Cuts Child Mortality in Half, 1990-2009
Graph: Where Do Children Face the Greatest Risk of Death?