International Day of the Girl

Day of the Girl

She's Worth More

What do these things have in common? Their value is determined for them, based on what others are willing to pay for their usefulness. But a girl isn't a piece of property to be bought and sold, her value the equivalent of a price tag. She's worth so much more.

Even today, the world's girls face devastating discrimination – just for being born daughters, not sons. A girl is far more likely to be unwanted and abused. Denied an education. Forced into child marriage and motherhood. Even stolen and sold by traffickers. Girls' lives and futures aren't valued the way they deserve.

This International Day of the Girl on October 11, and every day, you can give a girl what every last child deserves. The chance to realize her own true worth. #ShesWorthMore

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A girl’s value shouldn’t be determined by her gender at birth, the sum of her dowry or the price of her body in a brothel. She’s worth so much more!


Watch What Happens

Every girl deserves to grow up healthy, educated and safe. Watch what happens when a girl is denied what she deserves. #ShesWorthMore

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Why Girls?

Discrimination against girls starts at birth. Gender lines are drawn early and can continue throughout childhood – putting girls' very lives and futures at risk. #ShesWorthMore

Girls Malnutrition


Girls are 2X more likely to die from malnutrition

Girls Education


Girls are 3X more likely to be out of school

Child Marriage


Every 7 seconds, a girl under age 15 is married

Violence Against Girls


Girls are 2X more likely to be subjected to sexual violence

Girl Trafficking


Girls are 2X more likely to get coerced into trafficking

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Sources: U.N. Foundation; Girls Not Brides

You Can Help

Give for Girls


Give to ensure girls and boys around the world have what every last child deserves: a future.

Educate a Girl


Give one of our most popular gifts – help a girl realize her value through education.

Run for Girls


Join If Girls Ran the World – and virtually run around the world to benefit Save the Children.

Sponsor a Girl


Become someone very special in the life of a girl – and you just might find it changes you, too.

A girl who realizes her true worth can change the course of her life, her family’s life and the future of her community – even change the world!

Whatever It Takes For Girls

The world's girls are worth more! When valued in the way she deserves, a girl is more likely to survive, grow up healthy and stay safe. She'll finish school. Get a good job or start a business. Choose when she's ready for marriage and motherhood. Provide for her family. Give back to her community. Even live a longer life.

Save the Children is committed to gender equality. As the world's leading expert on children, we're doing whatever it takes to ensure girls have the opportunities every last child deserves. We ensure both girls and boys understand and are empowered to challenge gender discrimination, and that family and community members support change. We ensure girls stay in school. We support survivors of violence and exploitation. We help girls transition to adulthood. We advocate to end child marriage. And so much more.

Together, with your help, we'll reach every last girl. #ShesWorthMore

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Last year, Save the Children helped 28 million girls grow up healthy, educated and safe.

Every Last Child

Save the Children's Every Last Child campaign aims to reach the world's most vulnerable children, those left behind by global progress in child health, education and protection — including girls. Too many children, because of who they are or where they live, face discrimination and are denied the opportunities every last child deserves.

Help us reach every last child.

Learn more about our campaign.

Every Last Child
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