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International Day of Education 

International Day of Education is recognized on January 24th every year. This year, the sixth International Day of Education will celebrate the theme "learning for lasting peace". As a quarter of humanity – 2 billion people  – live in conflict-affected areas, this theme is particularly relevant. 

Save the Children works in the United States and around the world to reach those children who are missing out most on learning and education. We know that millions of children are being robbed of an education because of who they are or where they live. 

On International Day of Education and every day, join us to advocate for quality access to education, especially early education, for all children. Continue reading to learn more about the history of International Day of Education. Plus, hear from children we work with who are passionate about their education and how it can improve their communities and the world around them.

History of International Day of Education

In December 2018, January 24th was announced by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day of Education. The adoption was meant to be a declaration of the role that education plays in peace and development.

In fact, the General Assembly is responsible for designating all particular dates as an International Day, including dates like World Refugee Day, World Food Day and World AIDS Day.

According to the UN, "international days are proposed to the UN General Assembly by Member States. The General Assembly then decides by consensus whether to adopt the resolution establishing the particular day."

Significance of International Day of Education

In tough times, children see education as the key to their safety, health, happiness and their future. That's why Save the Children does whatever it takes to keep children learning. 

Sadly, many children have fallen behind or are missing out on education altogether because of COVID-19 school closures and disruptions due to conflict and other crises. Extended time out of school has a drastic impact on children’s health, safety and future life choices. At the end of 2021, up to 1 in 5 children in some countries had dropped out of school because of rising poverty, child marriage and child labor, pressures exacerbated by the pandemic.  

To address this learning gap, Save the Children supports Catch-up Clubs throughout many of our global programs. These clubs have been successful in improving children’s literacy in just 13 weeks.

International Day of Education 2024 Activities

There are so many ways to celebrate International Day of Education, including the following activities: 

Honor a memorable educator in your life with a donation in their name
A donation made in honor of a teacher or educator who has had an impact on your life is a great way to celebrate International Day of Education 2024 by giving back.

Save the Children helps children get ready for kindergarten and learn to read by third grade — a major indicator of future success. We’re especially focused on reaching vulnerable children in rural America where early learning resources are scarce. Globally, we ensure that no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in crisis.

Your donation today supports our work to keep children healthy, educated and safe.

Support at-home learning opportunities. 
Our experts have put together a list of fun, free educational websites for kids, as well as phone and tablet apps, to help keep kids learning at home

Embrace the International Day of Education

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. A good quality education helps children reach their full potential. As we embrace and celebrate International Day of Education, find out more about the children we work with and how their passion for education is improving their communities and the world around them.

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