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Celebrate International Day of Education with Take Your Child to the Library Day

On the first Saturday in February, thousands of libraries across the world celebrate Take Your Child to the Library Day.

This year, Take Your Child to the Library Day falls on February 3, 2024.  The day is a great opportunity to teach kids about all of the many free learning resources public libraries provide, from books and games to after-school programs. As such, many libraries recognize this day by offering free activities for readers of all ages.

Save the Children knows that early learning opportunities are critical for children, regardless of their family's income. The COVID pandemic shed a glaring light on the digital divide across the United States, which presents a significant barrier to equitable learning. 

One of the most valuable resources that libraries can offer is access to computers and the internet. A study conducted during the summer of 2020 revealed that 16 million students lacked adequate internet or devices to sustain effective distance learning at home. Nearly 40 % of affected children live in rural communities, where internet connectivity and access – the rural digital divide – has long been a challenge.

Why Take Your Child to the Library Day Matters

Take Your Child to the Library Day matters because the library serves children in the community, regardless of population or economic status. For children and families that lack the at-home resources to access the internet, books or learning materials, the library can provide critical access.

Research shows that the gap in reading ability between strong and struggling readers widens with age. That's why it's critical that from a young age, children are read aloud to, have access to books in the home and are exposed to literacy activities—just like the ones celebrated during Take Your Child to the Library Day.

Few things are more vital to a young child’s development than loving, nurturing interactions with a caregiver. And when books are associated with love, a lifelong reader is born.

Take Your Child to the Library Day Activities for 2024

Your local library may provide a list of activities they are holding for Take Your Child to the Library Day. From magicians to craft programs, ice cream socials to storytimes, each library may offer something different and engaging.

Visit your local library’s website or give them a call to see what they have on the agenda. Then mark your calendar for Take Your Child to the Library Day. Stop in for a visit. Enjoy the activities. And don't forget to get a library card (they're free!). Find out what your local libraries' Take Your Child to the Library Day activities are.

Making the Most of Take Your Child to the Library Day

Reading and borrowing books aren't the only things that you can do at the library or on Take Your Child to the Library Day. Libraries are a wealth of resources that can support the entire family. Some of the things that can be found at the library during Take Your Child to the Library Day or any day of the year include:

  • Support for Lifelo​ng Reading- Most libraries have summer reading ​programs, story time, book clubs, re​ading recommendations, and more to ecourage the love of reading.
  • Resources for Learning & Play-Beyond books you can find, digital resources, hotspots, power tools, board games, museum passes, cake pans, plant seeds, and much more at your local library!
  • Ex​pert Research Help-Trained librarians curate collections to ​provide accurate information and balanced ​perspectives. They'll help you go beyond ​search engines to get the answers you need.
  • Job & Career As​sistance-Feeling the need for change? Libraries offer ​resources to help you explore careers and ​land jobs, from powerful online tools to ​resume review and interview prep services.​
  • Study Spaces & Gathering Places- Libraries have meeting rooms and spaces dedicated to learning, cozy places to work, and opportunities to connect with your community over activities, hobbies and interests.
  • Learn New Skills & Pursue Passions- Ever want to learn to code,  use a 3D printer, or learn to garden? Well all that can be done at your local library!  You can also improve ​your language skills, become a citizen, or listen to a variety of guest speakers. There's s​o much to learn and do at your​ library, especially on Take Your Child to the Library Day!

Celebrating Education and Reading

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. Save the Children works in the United States and around the world to reach those children who are missing out most on learning, reading and education.

Every day your local library creates ​connections, ignites curiosity, and advances lives. Libraries also provide access to internet, wifi, ​computers and other devices, ensuring all children start on a level playing field. On February 3, 2024Take Your Child to the Library Day is a fantastic way to encourage your child to read, understand the importance of local libraries and the resources they provide, as well as instill in them the importance of education. To find out if your local library is participating in Take Your Child to the Library Day or to learn more about what your local library has to offer click below.

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