Save the Children's teams deliver much needed aid to outlying areas of the Dolakha District in Nepal. 2015 - Rajan Zaveri.

Save the Children's teams deliver much needed aid to outlying areas of the Dolakha District in Nepal. 2015.

Children's Emergency Fund
Nobody knows when the next crisis will strike, but your support helps Save the Children provide assistance in the critical first hours and days of an emergency when children need us most. When generous people like you make your 100% tax-deductible gift, children's lives are saved and their futures are brighter.

Emergency Relief and Aid

What is Emergency Aid?

When disaster strikes or a crisis breaks out, our dedicated emergency responders are among the first to arrive – and the last to leave.  Emergency aid and relief means doing whatever it takes to protect the lives and livelihoods of survivors of disasters and crises. This includes: 

  • Treating disaster related injuries such as broken bones, concussions and wounds
  • Feeding children and families whose food and sources of income have been destroyed
  • Providing emergency shelter, as well as tools and resources for families to repair their homes
  • Preventing and treating illnesses, such as diseases spread by dirty flood waters
  • Providing clean drinking water and restoring related services such as wells and toilets
  • Supporting survivors with social and emotional services, particularly those who lost loved ones
  • Reuniting lost and orphaned children with family members, as well as fostering those left without anyone to care for them
  • Protecting children from the increased risk of violence and trafficking in the chaos after a crisis
  • Educating girls and boys in temporary schools and providing books and learning materials
  • Restoring and rebuilding damaged child care facilities and schools

What is Emergency Relief?

In situations like war, conflict or terror attacks, children are innocent. No matter what the cause, children don’t choose sides and neither do we. We choose children. Thanks to you, whenever and wherever children are in crisis, Save the Children is there, working around the clock to meet children's unique health, education and protection needs – even in the most challenging, the most complex and the most controversial circumstances. In addition to the emergency aid outlines above, our dedicated aid workers provide a wide array of services for children caught in the crossfire, such as:

  • Treatment of injuries from chemical attacks, landmines, bullets and bombs
  • Psychosocial interventions for children who have witnessed or survived atrocities such as genocide, school shootings and rape used as a weapon of war
  • Refugee assistance for those who have been forced to flee conflict and have no place to call home
  • Recovery programs for children who were conscripted into fighting and conflict

Emergency Health Unit

Save the Children’s groundbreaking Emergency Health Unit has transformed the way health care for children is delivered in the aftermath of a crisis or disaster. The Emergency Health Unit is a network of frontline emergency health professionals across the world. World-class teams of doctors and nurses react quickly and reach children when crisis strikes. Each of our currently supported three teams of six health professionals has the capacity to begin responding within 72 hours and, within the first three months, manage 27,000 primary health care cases – saving countless lives.

  • Speed - We can deploy our teams within 24 hours. Inside 72 hours, they can be right there, on the ground, saving lives.
  • Expertise - Our teams contain the ideal combination of health and operational specialists: surgeons, doctors, nurses; team leaders, engineers and logistics experts.
  • Reach - They’re strategically positioned in emergency hotspots around the world and are fully equipped with the best tools for the job: field hospitals, mobile clinics, life-saving drugs and nutrition supplements.
More Information About Global Emergency Response

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