What Your Dollars Really Accomplish

Does supporting Save the Children really make a lasting, sustainable difference in children’s lives? 

To answer this important question, we commissioned an independent study to assess the long-term effects of our work in Woliso, Ethiopia. 

The results were huge! The study showed multiple, long-lasting, positive changes for children and their communities, especially in the areas of education, lifetime earning potential, health & sanitation and community engagement! 

Bottom line: Giving to Save the Children is one of the best investments you can make for children. So go ahead,  feel great about giving. 

Here’s just a sneak peek of our amazing accomplishments in Woliso, Ethiopia, thanks to supporters like you!

The Voices of Woliso

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to make tremendous change for children. And it fills our hearts with so much joy to hear about this impact directly from those who experienced it!

Meskele, wearing a blue shirt, smiles into the camera.

“If Save the Children didn't exist, I would become illiterate, stayed at home without education, got married early and gave birth to children.” - Meskele, Student

Urgessa, wearing a black leather jacket and white shirt, smiles at the camera.

“Save the Children arrived and I can say that it brought great improvement. They provided us with a big job opportunity and it made it possible to educate the generation here.” - Urgessa Kuma, Director, Maru Somba School

Dirirsa, wearing a white hat, beige jacket and grey scarf, smiles at the camera.

“For this community, Save the Children is like the sunrise. I see it this way. When the sun rises early in the morning the light replaces the dark. We see it this way. Save the Children is like the sunrise.” - Dirirsa Mirkana, Water Caretaker

Explore All The Great Results

Learn more about all the ways supporters like you helped create change for children in Woliso, Ethiopia. 

“Save the Children . . . freed us from hardship” –Dirirsa

Watch Dirirsa’s story to find out how . . . 

“Save the Children . . . made it possible to educate a generation.” –Urgessa 

Watch as Urgessa shares how education today can change the future!

“When I grow up, I want to become a doctor.” –Meskele

Find out how you’re helping to make Meskele’s dream come true.


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