Children's Art and Poems About Climate Change

The climate crisis is fundamentally and irreparably reshaping our world, with grave implications for the rights of current and future generations of children. They have inherited a problem not of their own making.

"Everyone knows about the disastrous effects of climate change on the planet," writes 17-year-old Shivangi. "However, what many may not realize is how heavy the toll is on children and future generations." 

Here, a collection of art and poems about the climate crisis written by children around the world. 


'Today's World,' a drawing by Anum

A children's drawing of two faces of earth in the universe, depicting his interpretation of the climate crisis.

"The picture portrays two faces of earth in the universe; how it is and how it should be. Earth’s condition due to toxic gases, polluted water and industrial waste is shown in contrast to the beauty of nature along with better living for all beings; with fresh air, pure water and greenery."  

A poem written by Justina, age 15 

My soul is so grieved
My heart is so hurt,
Because of the change, obstruction, destruction known as “Climate change”.
Oh! Climate Change how sweet and lovely is the melody and sound it has, yet the negative impact it has brought on the environment.
I [as] a child of this generation, I want to voice out on the impact climate change has brought.
This has given children less participation in this nation,
Excessive rains causing floods, which bring about diseases such as cholera, by the affected water which is untreated.
Poor rains causing drought, leading to food shortage which is causing hunger on children as a result leads to less concentration on lessons on their education.
Excess rains leading to poor attendance on school going children.
Poor rains leading to load shedding giving people no option but to practice deforestation for charcoal use all in the name supplementing electricity.
Huh! My words are failing to come out
My tears are failing to drop because of the condition and situation.
If we can be the causers, we can be the solvers.
Out Loud I Appeal
All decision makers take afforestation into consideration.
I appeal and cry again.
To all decision makers to raise awareness on climate change and children’s participation to the nation, because it states an (Africa fit for children.) 

'Global Heating,' a drawing by Yurisha, age 17

A children's drawing of the earth and a rainbow and the impacts of climate change.

"Through my painting, I want to make people aware about pollution, climate change and encourage them to save the earth by decreasing pollution."

"Protect Me with Green"
A Poem Written by Neha

There came happy times for me as I witness life.
Growing in my mountains on the land,
my lush green planes,
shady thick forests were full of food to survive
I giggled with joy whenever a toddler ran after a butterfly

This joyous time is to become a treasured memory very soon
if no one bothers me

I need green
I give green
Keep me green

‘Climate Change and Life of a Royal Bengal Tiger,’ a painting by Mustofa, age 11

A children's drawing of a Bengal tiger.

"Global climate change makes us think a lot. Climate change is surely causing environmental pollution and the effects of climate change are being felt in nature. The Sundarbans of Bangladesh is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. The greenery; the trees of the Sundarbans are being damaged to meet human’s needs. This reduces the amount of oxygen produces and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air increases. The lives of the Royal Bengal Tiger, a precious part of our heritage, are under threat. In this picture, the Bengal Tiger is looking for greenery, wanting to get out of the prison-bound frame, because he can't live there. If things continue as they are, the Royal Bengal Tiger species will be lost from earth."

Children’s identities are as diverse, complex and intersecting as their experiences of climate change

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) applies to all children, everywhere, yet the climate crisis is harming the children most affected by inequalities and discrimination first and worst. 

It is essential that decision-makers recognize their unique and heightened experiences of the climate crisis and act to support the equal and inclusive participation of all children. This includes, but is not limited to, girls and children discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientations, gender identities and expression (SOGIE), indigenous children, children with disabilities, displaced children, and those who experience intersecting and compounding forms of discrimination and marginalization.

Save the Children is a global leader working in the U.S. and around the world to help children and their communities prevent, prepare for and recover from climate-induced disasters. Learn more about our work, including how, together with children and their families, we are pushing governments to recognize the climate crisis.

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