2022 has been a big year for children globally. With your help, Save the Children is working to build a a better future for children across the world - a future they deserve.

Somalia a 10-month-old baby is cradled by his mother after receiving therapeutic food

Credit: Mustafa Saeed/ Save the Children

1. January 

10-month-old Guled became malnourished after his family were badly impacted by the drought that has been ravaging Somalia. His mother Aasha brought Guled to a Save the Children Maternal Health Clinic, where he started treatment straight away. Aasha was relieved when her baby recovered rapidly and began smiling again.

Afghanistan, a 14 year old boy in a black jacket looking straight to the camera

Credit: Pedro Armestre/ Save the Children

2. February 

February saw the war in Ukraine escalate dramatically, forcing families like Samad’s to leave everything behind and cross into neighbouring countries to find safety. Thanks to you, Save the Children could mobilse across Europe, providing food, essential items and spaces for children to rest and play. Samad was able to continue safely on his journey with his family.

Nigeria, a young brother and sister run together

Credit: Yagazie Emezi/ Save the Children 

3. March 

Three-year-old Michelle and her older brother Ebubeuwkmu are very close, so when Michelle fell ill with Pneumonia her brother was worried. Sadly, this is a familiar story, because Pneumonia kills over 800,000 young children every year. But Michelle was treated at a hospital in Nigeria equipped with essential oxygen supplies provided by Save the Children and GSK and is now back running and playing with her big brother.

Palestine, a young boy on crutches steers into the camera

Credit: Mohamed Nayef/Save the Children

4. April 

In 2021, 10-year-old Ahmed was badly injured when shelling destroyed his home in Gaza. The family had to move into temporary accommodation, but Save the Children was able to provide them with cash for essential items and supplies to help with Ahmed’s long recovery. Ahmed is now able to be more independent and one day wants to be a surgeon like the people who helped save his life

Malawi, a little girl in a purple dress on a boat, smiles at the camera

Credit: Jenny Cleeton/Save the Children

5. May 

Sarah, 11, had to escape the flooding that destroyed her home in Malawi by seeking refuge in a tree. After her terrifying experience, she was struggling to come to terms with losing her home and being displaced. Save the Children supported Sarah with psycho-social support and she is now back at school and doing the things she loves, like picking her favorite flowers.

Afghanistan, four girls in colorful hijabs in a displacement camp

Credit: Sacha Myers/Save the Children

6. June 

Laila, 12, lives in a displacement camp in Afghanistan. Thanks to you, Laila attends a Save the Children child-friendly space where she learns and plays alongside other girls. At the centre Laila especially loves to sing with her friends.

Guatemala, a mother and her two sons laugh together on their farm

Credit: Luisa Dörr/ Save the Children

7. July 

Tomais, 9 and his brother Edizon, 7, love to help their mother on their farm in Guatemala. Save the Children supports the boys’ mother, Rebeca, to help her farm thrive – in turn she supplies the local schools with fresh and healthy food. This means Tomais and Edizon have access to good nutrition at home and at school.

Poland, a girl from Ukraine at a summer camp

Credit: Paul Wu/Save The Children

8. August 

Daria, 12, came to Poland after fleeing the war in Ukraine, but was missing her friends. To help her get settled, Daria enrolled in a Summer Camp organised by Save the Children partner organisation, Zustricz. Daria loved the activities at the camp and made friends, which left her feeling more confident about starting the new school year.

Pakistan, a family smiles at the camera

Credit: Save the Children

9. September

After an unprecedented monsoon season, deadly floods tore through Pakistan and left thousands without shelter. Thanks to you, Save the Children was able to deliver emergency supplies including tents and food, to help families like Raamdin’s.

Syria, a little girl kneels showing off vegetables she's grown

Credit: Khalil Alachawi/Save the Children

10. October

Iman*, 10, loves to tend to her garden outside the tent where she lives in a Syrian displacement camp. While she works on growing her vegetables, Save the Children partner organisations are keeping her family supplied with food, water and essential supplies.

Kosovo, teenagers participate in a climate change protest

Credit: Laura Hewison/ Save the Children

11. November

Millions of children are already facing the devastating impact of the climate emergency, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Supported by Save the Children, thousands of children have been mobilizing, taking action and making their voices heard on an issue that will directly affect their future. It’s time for us to follow their lead and listen!

Malawi, a boy in a black t-shirt smiles while in front of a chalk board in a classroom.

Credit: Thoko Chikondi/Save the Children

12. December

2022 has been a big year for children globally, but with your help Save the Children is working to build a a better future for children across the world - a future they deserve.

We Can Be Heros

This year, children everywhere wanted to build a better world, and found thousands of ways to be heros.


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