Rescue at Sea

Refugee boy stares at his family after being rescued by Save the Children's Search and Rescue operation

Remember little Alan Kurdi, age 3, who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, as he and his family fled war-ravaged Syria? The world looked on in horror at the images of his lifeless body lying on the shore. The horror hasn’t stopped – children are still drowning. That’s why, as part of our ongoing response to the Child Refugee Crisis, Save the Children is launching a search and rescue ship to save children’s lives.

We’re doing whatever it takes to save children at sea – but we can’t do it without you!

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In 2016, more than 362,000 people risked their lives to reach Europe by sea. Across the Middle East and Africa, violence, oppression and extreme poverty have shown no signs of slowing down — forcing thousands of girls and boys to embark in terrifying journeys through the Mediterranean water.

To respond to such circumstances Save the Children began a search-and-rescue operation to protect refugees and migrants struggling to cross the Mediterranean. In just 12 weeks, we rescues more than 2,700 people, 400 of whom were children.

In April of this year, we relaunched our search-and-rescue operation, and on our first mission we rescued over 300 people. Through the course of this year, we aim to save 9,300 more.

Children are in desperate need right now, most of them sailing alone. With your support of our Child Refugee Crisis Relief Fund, our search and rescue ship can help save their lives at sea.

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Search and Rescue ship on the water Refugee boy stares at the water after being rescued

"Children are children, first and foremost. Whatever they are fleeing from, they have the right to be safe," — Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children.


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