Heart - Healing and Education through the Arts

Imagine growing up trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty, limited opportunity and turmoil from the loss of a loved one to HIV/AIDS or from a home left in ruins after a natural disaster or conflict. Any of these hardships can take a huge toll on a child’s emotional well-being and learning power.

That’s why Save the Children created a new global child development and education approach that brings the proven power of artistic expression – drawing, painting, music, dance and more – to children in need around the world. HEART helps children heal emotionally and learn critical skills, so they can achieve their highest potential.

Preschoolers and school children in Haiti, Malawi, Mozambique and Nepal are already benefitting from HEART. In fact, HEART has reached more than 10,000 children. Save the Children aims to reach more than 50,000 children by 2015.

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