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Our Response in Syria

Inside Syria, the United Nations estimates there are 6.5 million displaced people in besieged or hard-to-reach areas. Many live in dire need in abandoned buildings, open spaces and in informal camps mainly in the north near the border with Turkey, where there are few or no services available. Many Syrian refugees have joined the exodus of refugees to Europe. Currently, more than 4.7 registered Syrian refugees have fled the violence in their home country.

Those who remain in the Middle East face bleak conditions, lack of access to critical services and the right to work. Some families are resorting to such negative coping strategies as eating less, marrying off girl children and sending children to work in exploitative labor.

What You Need to Know

  • 7.5 million Syrian children affected by war — population of Washington state 1

  • 2 million children missing out on school — all school-age kids in NYC, LA and Dallas combined 1

  • 13.5 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid — population of Illinois1

  • Nearly 50% of Syrians fled their homes since 2011 1

  • 100 Syrians flee every hour, on average2

How We're Helping

Save the Children has helped more than 3.8 million people in the region — 1.6 million inside Syria. Despite the dangers inside Syria, Save the Children has provided 10

Fundraise for us

Inside an informal camp, a woman in a Save the Children shirt smiles at a small child she is holding
  • 130,000 people with clean water

  • 34,500 children with a place to learn

  • 3,500 emergency patients with care each week

  • 145,000 people with warm clothes and shelter

  • 16 centers supporting traumatized children

How You Can Help


Syria’s children can’t wait — they desperately need help now. If generous people like you support our relief efforts, then we can protect and provide for more girls and boys. Here is what your gift can provide:

  • FRESH FOOD $50 a fresh food basket for a young family

  • NEW BABY KIT $100 a new baby kit, with blankets and diapers

  • LEARNING $150 teacher tools to keep kids learning

  • PLAYING $200 games and toys so kids can be kids again

  • SHELTER $250 a household kit to keep a family safe and warm

You Can Help

Inside Syria’s
Besieged Areas

A new report from Save the Children reveals that barrel bombs, air strikes and shelling are the biggest issues for the more than a quarter of a million children estimated to be living in besieged areas in Syria. Parents testify to the horror of family life under siege, not only dealing with the psychological impact on children terrified of explosions, but the dire consequences of being deprived of food, basic medicine and clean water.

Download the Report

Report Cover: Childhood Under Seige

Sources of Facts and Statistics About Syria

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*In keeping with best practices in child protection and safeguarding of minors in times of conflict, all children’s names have been changed to protect their identities. In some cases children’s identifies have been completely obscured, because of the risk to themselves and their families.

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