Bob Marley Campaign to Support East Africa Appeal

You can make a donation to our East Africa Appeal. Please help. We can save lives but we need to act now.

A groundbreaking campaign called "I’m Gonna Be Your Friend" has launched, supported by many of the world’s most famous names in entertainment and their fans. Aimed at raising urgently needed funds for the millions of hungry hildren in East Africa, we hope to reach almost a billion people worldwide.

We want people to download a re-release 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailers song ‘High Tide or Low Tide’ and the accompanying short film by award-winning director Kevin MacDonald.

Celebrity Support

The campaign brings together the combined resources of Universal Music Group, Yahoo!, Facebook, AOL, MSN, YouTube, Twitter and others to give a potential global online reach in excess of one billion people.

Many icons, celebrities and artists across the world including Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Eminem, U2, Beyonce, Muhammad Ali, Jennifer Lopez, Muse, Coldplay, Elton John, Lewis Hamilton, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Robert Plant, Kanye West, Madonna, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Brian May, Sting, Rihanna and many others are launching the campaign via their huge networks of friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter (#beafriend).

Save the Children ambassador Iman recently visited the Somali capital, Mogadishu. You can read an account of what she saw in the Independent here. With more than 150 global stars already signed up and more joining by the hour, the combined total of their fans and followers on the social networks is almost 700 million people.

One Million Children Could Die

This huge number will not only help raise awareness of the scale of the crisis but also vital funds for those suffering in the region. The food crisis in Somalia and across East Africa is the worst in decades. Ten million people are affected — many have no food, no water and have lost all their livestock. One million children in Somalia alone die if help is not delivered now. Save the Children and other aid agencies have launched a huge emergency response across the region and are on the ground delivering life-saving aid.

How You Can Get Involved

You can make a donation to our East Africa Appeal. Please help. We can save lives but we need to act now.

I'm Gonna Be Your Friend

The single, ‘High Tide or Low Tide’ was specially chosen by the Marley family for the resonance of the single’s lyrics, “I’m Gonna Be Your Friend”. Rita Marley said: "Not one child should be denied food nor water. Not one child should suffer. Along with Save the Children, we must stand up together as friends to put a stop to this, to feed our children and to save their lives."

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