Joey, now a successful businessman gives back to his community..Photo Credit: Save the Children in the Philippines

Joey, now a successful businessman, gives back to his community.

Meet Joey

Joey is a confident, up-and-coming young professional. He works as an Account Manager for a business process outsourcing company located in the main district of Manila in the Philippines. When Joey was younger, he never dreamed that he would one day have a successful job and be able to support his younger siblings by sending them to school.

Joey's large family had difficulty making ends meet on the meager income his father made as a security guard. Joey says the improvements in his life were brought about by three things – his motivation to help his family, his parents encouragement and the support of Save the Children.

When Joey was 8 years old, he received his first sponsor. He said he remembers reading the letters from his sponsor and wondering what they looked like and why they cared so much about him. Through his sponsorship, Joey was able to actively participate in life-skills trainings and academic development sessions. He was also able to get school supplies which helped him in his studies. After a few years, the Joey who used to be a very shy boy became empowered and started to facilitate workshops for other students. Because he already understood the value of his sponsorship, he became more driven to stay away from the usual vices of teenagers in his neighborhood, including drugs and alcohol. According to Joey, what the children in his community needed then were opportunities to lead them down the right path and the assurance that there are people out there who are concerned about their welfare.

Although he has already achieved a lot, Joey isn't stopping. He plans to take up his graduate studies soon and expects to be promoted at work.

"If not for an organization and people who cared, my life will be very different," he said.


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