2023 has been a big year for children globally. With your help, Save the Children is working to build a a better future for children across the world - a future they deserve.

Mongolia, a little girl sits with her pet lamb.

Credit: Delgermaa Altangerel/ Save the Children

1. January 

Yesun-Erdene, 13, loves her animals, she was worried about them when a harsh winter, called a ‘dzud’ hit Mongolia. Yesun-Erdene’s family are herders and lost many of the animals that are their livelihood. Save the Children was able to provide both cash transfers and animal feed, which allowed Yesun-Erdene’s family to make it through winter. 

Syria, brothers stand together in front of a tent after an earthquake destroyed their home

Credit: Bonyan/ Save the Children

2. February 

Brothers Munir, 14, and Khaled, 12, were terrified when a massive earthquake struck their home in Syria. They managed to escape, but their house and belongings were buried under rubble. The family had to move into a tent in a nearby village. Munir and Khaled received essential supplies and blankets to help them through the difficult time

Nigeria, a young brother and sister run together

Credit: Cristina Baussman/ Save the Children

3. March 

Esther and her son Alexis have been living through challenging times in Haiti and money has been tight. Esther took Alexis to a Save the Children mother and baby club so he could be screened for malnutrition. At the club, they received therapeutic food and breastfeeding support. Esther loves the community spirit at the club which she says makes her feel comfortable and encouraged as a new mother.

Sudan, a little happy boy smiles at the camera.

Credit: Save the Children

4. April 

Nagi is a happy and cheeky little boy, but his world turned upside down when he had to flee violence in Sudan. His family found temporary accommodation but didn’t have any of their belongings. Save the Children was able to help by supplying the family with things they needed, as well as creating a child friendly space where Nagi could learn and play safely.

Yemen, a little girl who was injured by a landmine holds up a drawing.

Credit: Ahmad Albasha/Save the Children

5. May 

Maha, 10, was out collecting firewood near her home in Yemen when she stepped on a landmine - and her life changed forever. Her injuries were so severe, she was rushed to hospital where she needed urgent surgery. Save the Children covered all her medical costs and provided ongoing psycho-social support. Maha is now back at school, where she loves drawing.

Bangladesh, a mother and son show off their home-grown vegetables

Credit: Fabeha Monir/Save the Children

6. June 

Rashel, 10, and his mother Rashida live in an area of Bangladesh that’s regularly ravaged by floods. The disasters mean Rashida struggles to afford food and clothes for her children. Save the Children helped the family build a climate resilient garden, which supports their income. Rashel loves to help his mother grow the biggest vegetables!

Vanuatu, a teenage boy in a green t-shirt looks away from the camera

Credit: Damian Mobbs/ Save the Children

7. July 

15 year old Lee Roy understands the dangers of powerful weather events - strong cyclones damaged his home in Vanuatu. Now, Lee Roy is doing everything he can to help his community combat the climate crisis. Supported by Save the Children, Lee Roy is planting mangroves to protect his home.

Ukraine, a teenage girl stands in the rubble of what used to be her school.

Credit: Oleksandr Khomenko/Save The Children

8. August 

17 year Olena was worried about her education when her school was destroyed during the war in Ukraine. Save the Children created a new safe place for the students to finish their studies. Before graduation, they visited their old school to take special yearbook photos that would remind them of the school where they had many happy memories.

Syria, 9 month old triplet sisters sit-up on a bed.

Credit: Roni Ahmed/Save the Children

9. September

9-month-old sisters Bayan, Bara’a and Bahiya are triplets who were malnourished and were treated at a Save the Children Nutrition center in Syria. Thanks to therapeutic food and ongoing support, the girls are recovering well and are curious about the world around them.

Congo, a little girl is seen with a Child Friendly Space facilitator.

Credit: Hugh Kinsella Cunningham/Save the Children

10. October

Liliane, 13, has been living in a displacement camp after fleeing conflict near her home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has been attending a Child Friendly Space supported by Save the Children where she loves to talk with the facilitators and dance with her friends.

Egypt, a little boy smiles at the camera

Credit: Sima Diab/ Save the Children

11. November

Millions of children are already facing the devastating impact of the climate emergency, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Supported by Save the Children, thousands of children like Asaad in Egypt have been mobilizing and making their voices heard on an issue that will directly affect their future, especially at events like the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28). It’s time for us to follow their lead and listen! 

Afghanistan, a worker feeds a baby Plumpy Nut

Credit: Sacha Myers/Save the Children

12. December

153 million children are estimated to have faced food insecurity this year. That’s why Save the Children is mobilizing to stop hunger eating childhood. With our expertise, children’s resilience and your support, we can help feed futures for children like Parsto in Afghanistan.

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