About Athene

Dubbed the world's most famous record-breaking professional gamer, Athene began his rise to fame in 2007 as the first popular gaming-oriented YouTuber. By continuously setting world records in games ranging from League of Legends to World of Warcraft, he has amassed a following with more than 450 million views on just his YouTube channel and has made guest appearances on many media outlets including CNN, CBS, CNBC and Fox News. Athene primarily uses his status to make a positive impact on the world through philanthropy and charity fundraising with his exceptionally dedicated fanbase.

What is Athene doing now?

DUBI – Universal Basic Income Pilot in Uganda

In Uganda, Save the Children will be testing the use of a Digital Distributed Ledger Technology (BlockChain) to implement Cash Transfer Programming providing unconditional/unrestricted cash transfers to beneficiaries. The transfers will be modeled on Universal Basic Income in order to test the efficiency and effectiveness of this type of humanitarian and development assistance. Athene has developed a mobile game called “Clash of Streamers” to help fund the pilot project.

Humanitarian Response Team

The GamingForGood.net Humanitarian Emergency Response Team started out as a group of famous gamers coming together by pledging to immediately mobilize their audiences and fundraise when a humanitarian disaster takes place.

Very quickly, word began to spread about the project and the amount of interest from the rest of the gaming community has turned it into a movement.

The movement has already acquired more than 2,000 highly influential content creators that are on standby and ready to fundraise when a humanitarian disaster takes place.

As a result, GamingForGood.net evolved into a platform that gamers and streamers can use for both personal and charity fundraising because the most devastating natural disasters on the planet need an equally massive response that can bring the level of support that is needed.

Gaming For Good

The brainchild of Athene, this online platform raises money for charity organizations, currently Save the Children. Donations are rewarded with points, which can then be used to redeem games that have been donated by game developers and publishers. The funds are used for emergency response and to train local health workers who provide children with much needed healthcare in order to lower child mortality rates.

In 2016, Athene and a team of developers relaunched gamingforgood.net with completely new and innovative functionality that allows gamers who livestream on the Internet to have their viewers support them through donations while simultaneously donating to charity as well. This ambitious project was realized in cooperation with G2A, one of the most popular digital marketplaces for games, who have not only been one of GamingForGood.net's biggest donors but are now supporting the platform with their G2A Pay payment processing service so that more payment methods are available for donors and fees are lower, allowing more funds to be raised for charity.

Athene and his team are independent fundraisers and, for transparency, the GamingForGood.net platform passes all donations through to Save the Children via its G2A Pay wallet.

Athene does not get paid for fundraising and thus he is a voluntary, independent, personal fundraiser. He has chosen Save the Children to be his charitable beneficiary of his charity gaming platform, Gaming for Good. Members of the Gaming for Good community can take monetary and non-monetary actions to earn "charity points" that can be redeemed in the Gaming for Good online shop.

Athene's Past Projects Benefiting Save the Children

Over the years, Athene has visited Save the Children’s programs in Mali, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Liberia and has raised more than $3 million from individual donors and, when including institutional matches from corporations and foundations, has funded more than $24 million of our maternal, newborn, child survival, and emergency programs. A few of the many powerful projects Athene and his crew have worked on over the years in support of Save the Children include:

Maternal, Newborn & Child Survival Programs, 2016-2019 - Athene’s fundraising during this time benefited 3 projects in Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia. These projects improved the health of mothers and their children, addressing issues such as malnutrition of infants, strengthening health systems in the target countries, and filling in gaps in food and health care access. Funds were raised from the Gaming for Good platform, as well as all income (subscriptions, bits, cheers) generated from Athene’s Twitch Channel (http://www.twitch.tv/AtheneLive). In total, Athene raised $120,000 funding over $1.2 million in programs including match.

Humanitarian Response in Ethiopia, 2016 - Athene and his crew traveled to drought-affected areas of Ethiopia to raise awareness and funds for Save the Children's East Africa Child Relief Fund. On their six day trip they fundraised $390,000 USD. Ethiopia is currently experiencing its worst drought in 50 years, and due to these conditions nearly 5 million children risk going hungry.

The End of Ebola, 2015 - Athene and his crew visited an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) that was set-up to counteract the rapid onset of the worst Ebola outbreak in world history, while filming for their documentary "The End of Ebola".

Race for Survival, 2014 - Athene visited Save the Children's survival program in Ethiopia as part of the Race for Survival event. Livestreaming and fundraising directly from the field

The Siege, 2013 - To help celebrate World of Warcraft's last major content patch for their expansion 'Mists of Pandaria', Athene and his crew rallied the gaming community to take part by gathering under one banner dubbed "The Siege" - for charity.

Operation Sharecraft, 2012 - Athene and his community successfully raised $1 Million, which included a $500,000 matching donation from DC Entertainment's "We Can Heroes" campaign, while livestreaming videogames for 100 consecutive days to raise awareness for the worst drought in the Horn of Africa the world had seen in over 60 years.

US Government Grant Requirements

US government grants help support our work for the world's neediest girls and boys. Under the terms of some of these grants, the government will provide a percentage of the cost of the programs and we must raise the remainder from supporters like Athene and his community. Their dollars will be combined with funds from the government to multiply the impact for children in need.

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