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Aftermath of Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful hurricane to strike Haiti in over 50 years and although the storm is behind us, its aftermath lives on.

In Haiti, an estimated 25 percent of the country has been affected by Hurricane Matthew. More than 500 people were killed and around 175,000 people were left displaced. The health, education and protection needs were massive, with an estimated 1.4 million people requiring urgent assistance. We are especially concerned for vulnerable children, including up to 150,000 children out of school.

Our Efforts in Haiti

Save the Children has been on the ground in Haiti responding to the urgent needs of children and families in the hardest hit regions of the country. Here are some highlights of our work:

Health and Nutrition

  • Through our Emergency Health Unit, we were the first aid agency to provide health care in the community of Beaumont, which had been cut off for days after the storm.
  • Our mobile teams treated over 8,500 people.
  • Over 6,000 children were treated for malnutrition.
  • We provided more than 1,800 pregnant women with micronutrient supplements.

Non-Food Relied Distributions

  • Close to 5,000 families received water treatment kits and were trained in how to prevent diseases like cholera.


  • More than 8,400 children received new school materials to replace the supplies they lost.
  • 135 teachers were trained to provide psychosocial "first aid" to emotionally traumatized children.

Child Protection

  • Over 6,000 children participated in our Child Friendly Space program.
  • More than 9,000 adults received training on ways to protect children from harm.

For those living in Haiti, the toll of Hurricane Mathew is an everyday reminder. With your help, we can continue saving lives and giving hope to those so desperately in need. Please donate today!

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