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Children in rural West Virginia are struggling. The reasons are many: Above-average poverty in West Virginia. Lower-than-average education levels. High rates of adolescents giving birth. Plus, the state is still dealing with the aftermath of the torrential downpours, flash floods and two tornadoes that tore through the state in 2016. The storms left 5,500 damaged homes in their wake and affected 100 schools, libraries and childcare centers. More than 9,000 families registered with FEMA for federal assistance.

Save the Children arrived at the affected areas within hours to support the families who needed it most. We provided immediate support to children and families – distributing infant care supplies like blankets, cribs and diapers, plus cookware, dishes and hygiene items to families who had lost everything. Now, one year later, we continue to work with long-term recovery groups to assess and address the needs of West Virginia’s children.

At the one-year mark of this disaster, Save the Children’s work has benefited 53,351 children and adults in West Virginia. Here’s how:

Restoring access to schools. Helping children get back into schools establishes a sense of stability. We helped restore classrooms – providing chairs, tables and cubbies – so that children could return to school 5 days a week.

Restoring access to early learning and childcare. Childcare is essential to families cleaning up or returning to work after a disaster. We provided early learning classroom materials to 8 childcare facilities and 3 pre-K classrooms.

Supporting out-of-school programs and libraries. Many schools were damaged and faced long-term closures. We partnered with other centers in the community to create innovative out-of-school programs and opportunities. We also provided thousands of books to help re-establish classroom libraries.

Supporting children’s resiliency. Save the Children is a leader in helping provide psychosocial and emotional recovery programs following emergencies. We deployed our disaster-tested Journey of Hope program to help children cope with their feelings.

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West Virginia Strong

Save the Children partnered with award-winning actress, trustee and West Virginia native Jennifer Garner on a t-shirt campaign with Omaze, a charitable giving platform. The campaign helped benefit our vital work helping flood-affected children and their families.

Our West Virginia Children’s Programs

Since 2010, Save the Children has implemented education and health programs in West Virginia. Early Steps to School assists babies and young children with language, social and emotional development. Our literacy programs provide children opportunities to increase their reading achievement and help them grow as readers. And our Healthy Choices program increases children’s access to regular physical activity, healthy snacks and nutrition education. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we currently partner with six schools in four counties to deliver programs to 1,480 children.

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