Emergency Alert:Two earthquakes struck Mexico in September, destroying thousands of homes, hospitals, schools, bridges and roads. Thousands of families are living in makeshift shelters.
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Mexico Earthquakes of 2017

On September 7, a 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck the southern area of Oaxaca, Mexico. Thousands of homes were destroyed. Schools, reduced to piles of rubble. Roads and bridges – un-passable. Then, the unthinkable happened: 12 days later, another violent earthquake destroyed Mexico City – measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. 48 buildings in Mexico City collapsed. Hundreds of people were killed. Within 48 hours, Save the Children was on the ground helping those who are most vulnerable – children.

Our emergency response experts are helping support the immediate needs of children in Morelos, Puebla, Mexico City and Oaxaca. Children who are displaced from their homes, living in makeshift shelters – some without lighting, clean water and sanitation. Many families are afraid to lose it all – they camp outside their collapsed home to keep watch against looters.

Your donation can help us create child friendly spaces, provide health and hygiene supplies and provide essential psycho-social support to children who have seen far too much devastation

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Current Activities

  • To date, we have reached over 19,000 people
  • Established child friendly spaces (CFS) and delivered 424 activities in Education in Emergencies and Child Protection – assisting 2.957 children in 15 shelters and 8 primary schools
  • Continued monitoring opening of schools and numbers of children attending in Mexico City, Morelos and Puebla
  • Delivered 16,500 household kits
  • Delivered psycho-social workshops to 35 teachers in 7 different schools in Oaxaca; gave 3 workshops for psycho-emotional support for adults reaching 165 adults
  • Gave 4-day psycho-emotional support training to 112 community child development coordinators, potentially benefitting over 5,800 children
  • Started offering psycho-social support (as of early November) in primary schools. Aim to reach over 6,400 children

Projected Activities

  • Will begin our hygiene program in primary schools

About Mexico

Since 1973, Save the Children has served children in 16 of Mexico’s 31 states and the Federal District through programs in education, health and hygiene, nutrition, violence prevention, eradication of child labor and exploitation, environmental education and rapid response in emergencies.

Facts About

More than 127 Million
live there

About 15% of girls and boys are out of school

13 out of 1000 children die
before their 5th birthday

Our Work in

Last Year, Save the Children...

protected 337,447
from harm

provided 82,748 children
with a healthy start in life

gave 40,094 children
vital nourishment

Unless otherwise noted, facts and statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s 2017 End of Childhood Report. You can access detailed data here.

Other sources as follows: Population: CIA World Factbook 2015;

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