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About Vanuatu

Although Vanuatu is a popular tourist destination, a lot of the country remains underdeveloped due to the remote locations of many communities. Rural populations have little access to essential services such as health, education, justice and protection. Another issue is the high percentage of children and young people in Vanuatu. This places pressure on communities and adults and exposes children to family breakdowns, violence, abuse and neglect. It also results in a large number of unemployed youth who often turn to crime or bad behavior such as drinking and taking drugs. Vanuatu is susceptible to natural disasters because it is located along the Pacific Ring of Fire where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Floods and cyclones also pose a threat to communities.

Facts About

More than 264,652
live there

28 out of 1000 children die
before their 5th birthday

Our Work

Save the Children is currently running an Early Childhood Education program in partnership with the Ministry of Education to improve education opportunities for children living in remote communities. The program includes teacher training, curriculum development and the construction of kindergartens.

Our Work in

Last Year, Save the Children...

supported 10,109
in times of crisis

provided 1,507 children
with a healthy start in life

Unless otherwise noted, facts and statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s 2017 End of Childhood Report. You can access detailed data here.

Other sources as follows: Population: CIA World Factbook 2015;

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