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There are easy ways to jumpstart your disaster prep. And the most fun way is to lead a Prep Rally - an event that educates children and families about emergency preparedness. Prep Rallies provide community members with the resources they need to get ready and be safety advocates.

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Your schools, sports teams, after-school clubs or other organizations can get started now. Add your name to our growing list of communities around the U.S. that are leading our nation to keep kids safe during disasters. What’s more, you’ll get a Get Ready Get Safe Community e-Badge, training updates and our exclusive Prep Rally kit with everything you need to make your event a success.

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Prep Rally Playbook

The playbook and guides contains easy-to-use activities, games, discussion guides and other resources based on 4 Prep Steps: 1. Recognizing Risks, 2. Planning Ahead, 3. Gathering Wise Supplies, 4. During Disaster.

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Get Ready Get Safe Communities

Join these communities that are taking steps to help ensure children and families will be safe when disaster strikes. Register Now

  • Connecticut
  • Save the Children Headquarters
  • District of Columbia
  • Neval Thomas Elementary School Summer Program
  • Save the Children Headquarters
  • Georgia
  • Primrose School of Midtown at Colony Square
  • Atlanta Parks and Recreation
  • Kentucky
  • Owsley County Elementary Afterschool Program
  • Kentucky Health and Wellness Expo
  • Louisiana
  • St. Martinville Primary School
  • Mississippi
  • I.T. Montgomery Elementary
  • Brooks Elementary
  • GW Carver Elementary
  • RH Bearden Elementary
  • Shelby Middle School
  • East Marion Elementary
  • Boys & Girls Club of MS Delta
  • Quitman County Elementary
  • New York
  • The Action Center
  • Episcopal Social Services/Seen and Heard
  • Coney Island Lighthouse Mission
  • Heartshare Human Services
  • Episcopal Social Services - Virginia Day
  • Oklahoma
  • Briarwood Elementary School
  • Southgate-Rippetoe Elementary School
  • Construction Zone Early Learning Center
  • Agapeland Early Learning Center