Strong Start for America's Children FAQ

Thank-you for calling your Representative in Congress!

If you just opted into a text-messaging program, you will shortly receive a confirmation message on your phone. You can opt-out of the text messaging program by replying STOP to any of those messages at any time.

What's Next

In just a moment, you'll receive a call from our 'Connect to Congress' service at 1.888.496.5061 and hear a brief message from Save the Children about the issue. You'll be patched through to your Congressperson's office and a staff person will answer the phone.

Tips and Talking Points:

  1. Give the staff your name and address so they can log your call.
  2. Tell them you want them to support the Strong Start for America's Children Act. Let them know you hope to ensure all children in America can access quality early education programs regardless of economic disadvantages.
  3. Get personal. Tell them what it means to you.
  4. Ask if they can provide a written response to your request and be sure to thank them.
  5. Thank you for taking action!

All children deserve an equal chance to live up to their potential! Research shows that children who lack early education are more than a year behind their classmates when they start kindergarten. And, most likely, they'll never catch up.

Here's Why We Have to Pass the Strong Start for America's Children Act:

Use our Connect-to-Congress tool and you'hear an exclusive message from our Artist Ambassador Jennifer Garner.
  • Preschool is out of reach for two out of five kids in the United States.
  • During children's first five years of life, they experience 90% of their brain development.
  • Investing in a comprehensive national early childhood program could add two trillion dollars to the annual gross domestic product within a generation, according to the Brookings Institute.

Thank you for taking action!

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