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 The Challenges for Children

India is the world's largest democracy, a global center of technology and finance, the home of megacities Delhi and Mumbai, and a driving force in the world economy-India is surging ahead. But despite its exponential rate of economic growth, millions of children are being left behind.

No other country in the world sees as many children die from preventable and treatable diseases as India.

More than 40 million children below the age of 14 work in hazardous occupations – mining, selling food on the streets, and domestic labor.

There is more wealth in India than ever before, but it has not yet translated into healthcare, education or better nutrition for the poor.

Save the Children in India

Save the Children India became an independent organization two years ago, and has since achieved the following successes:

  • Across the country, we're inspiring influential public figures to help us put an end to needless child deaths.
  • In early 2010, health experts and high-profile figures wrote to the government asking them to raise their spending on healthcare.
  • We're taking healthcare to the impoverished areas of India and have pioneered new ways of reaching communities with simple solutions to malnutrition and child and maternal deaths.
  • We're working in nearly 2,000 communities to shift attitudes towards child labor in agriculture, which employs a third of India's working children.
  • In 2009 230,000 children joined our child rights activities, and we helped more than 3,000 children get out of exploitative labor and back into school.

Last Updated September 2014