Mother's Day

mothers day

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of moms everywhere, we bring you the powerful story of a resilient American mom on a mission for her children, plus the results of our groundbreaking survey revealing the hopes and fears of moms just like you.

You're invited to be inspired and informed, then share with all the special moms in your life today!


Never Underestimate the Power of a Mom

Watch the story of one American mom from Washington on a mission to empower her children, her community and herself. Then share with your network of moms.

What Keeps America's Moms Up at Night?

This Mother's Day, consider the hopes and fears of today's American mothers.

The modern mom is resilient and optimistic, but deeply concerned about the complexities of modern life and the challenges of raising her children, according to our survey of more than 1,000 mothers across the U.S. An overwhelming number believe that education is the single most important issue for our leaders, communities and families to address. We couldn't agree more!

Full results from The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into the Resilient American Mother,* a collaboration between Save the Children teamed with Shriver Media, are available here.

How do you feel about motherhood in America today?

Honor a Mom

America's children can realize the dreams of their mothers, with your help. Honor a mom today by giving the gift of early childhood education to a U.S. child in need, making dreams come true.


Speak Up for Moms

Every mother wants to give her child the best education possible. Help her put an end to educational inequities - ask Congress to invest in early childhood education today.


Share Moms' Hopes and Fears

Join our caring community of resilient moms and other supporters who do whatever it takes to ensure the world's mothers have the best Mother's Day gift of all — happy, healthy children. Sharing is caring!

"We can't underestimate the power of a mother. As a mom myself, I want to continue to help support mothers, because if we support the moms, then we help to create stronger families, communities and our country."

– Carolyn Miles,
President and CEO of Save the Children

"As a mother of four and an advocate for women's empowerment, I am thrilled to partner with Save the Children and the Save the Children Action Network to share this Snapshot on the modern American mom."

– Maria Shriver,
Founder of Shriver Media and the Shriver Report Special Editions and Snapshots

Learn more about The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight Into The Resilient American Mother.

Photos: Susan Warner

*These findings, as reported in The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into the Resilient American Mother, are the result of a national survey commissioned by Save the Children, Save the Children Action Network and Shriver Media and conducted online by the national polling group, PSB, in March 2016. More than 1,050 mothers who are likely to vote in 2016 participated in the survey, with a margin of error of ±2.47 percent.

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