Since the launch of the first ring and now pendant dedicated to Save the Children, our valued global partner Bulgari has raised more than $30 million to help children in need. This impressive sum has enabled us to achieve remarkable results for over 600,000 children – changing the course of their lives and futures.

In 2009, to celebrate its past, jewelry and luxury goods brand Bulgari started investing in the future of hundreds of thousands of unprivileged children around the world by producing a specially designed limited edition Save the Children jewelry collection. Inspired by the iconic B.zero1 jewelry line, the collection comprises a ring, launched in October 2010, and a pendant, newly launched in April 2014 as a further celebration of Bulgari’s 130th anniversary.

"I am really happy about this stunning achievement. … With $30M raised, Bulgari demonstrates its social responsibility and commitment to non-profit causes but also to associations that are fighting for a better world." - Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group

Celebrity Engagement

 The Action Center’s holiday party

Bulgari Ambassador Jon Hamm.

Renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri has played a critical role in the partnership’s continued success through his portrait collection of almost 200 celebrities.

The collection features celebrities from around the world wearing the Save the Children jewelry collection with expressions and hands held to symbolize the “STOP” of children’s poverty.

Several celebrities involved in the partnership have actively engaged in field visits to Save the Children programs to observe firsthand the impact of the partnership. Among them, Adrien Brody visited a community resource center in the Far Rockaway Queens, New York. This center was crucial in supporting hundreds of children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

B.Zero1 ring
B.Zero1 pendant

The B.Zero1 pendant and the B.Zero1 ring retail for $480 each, of which $100 will be donated to Save the Children.

This special collection is available in Bulgari boutiques throughout the United States and world. To purchase to learn more about Bulgari's commitment to education, and to see the celebrity photo exhibition please visit Bulgari's website.

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