A World with No Math

Join our "A World with No Math" campaign, starring Michael Boatman ("Anger Management"), Julie Bowman ("Modern Family"), Simon Helberg ("The Big Bang Theory"), and John Oliver ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"). Produced and directed by a team from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" as a volunteer project.

Imagine a world with no math. That's right. No way to calculate your batting average or track your Twitter followers.

Say it ain't so, but this kind of world already exists for many children living in poor countries. So we put our heads together, and we've found the solution to the problem: Numeracy Boost. And you, of course.

What is Numeracy Boost? A new education program that will focus on teaching children the basic math skills they need to thrive in daily life. From counting cattle to charting the rainy seasons, these skills aren't just "good to have." They are essential to helping children reach their full potential.

Kids will gain skills through the help of awesome teachers trained in better teaching practices. And they'll also learn math outside of school hours through community activities like annual "Math Days," and by pairing up with "Numeracy Boost Buddies" to help them stay on top of their game.

Now we need your help to bring Numeracy Boost to kids in Bangladesh and Malawi this year. We've got a goal – to raise $125,000 in 60 days to give kids the math skills they need to succeed. Actors Michael Boatman, Julie Bowman, Simon Helberg and John Oliver are supporting the campaign. Can we count you in, too?

To get started, go here to fundraise or donate.

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Our resident math guru Shirin Lutfeali explains why kids need Numeracy Boost and how it works. Read more

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Parents, teachers, even big sisters, will be getting their math on to help kids learn basic math skills. Watch slide show

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