Fighting Child Hunger and Malnutrition

child hunger

A Life Free from Hunger: Tackling Child Malnutrition

severe malnutrition

Children Need Nutritious Food

A hidden malnutrition crisis is affecting one third of children in the developing world, impairing their development and leaving them vulnerable to deadly disease.

Save the Children's report lays out proven, cost-effective solutions that allow children to lead healthier, more productive lives.

malnutrition in children

Facts and Stats

Malnutrition is more than hunger, but malnourished children are often painfully hungry. Causes of malnutrition include disease, poverty and food shortages.

Every hour of every day, 300 children die because of malnutrition. In America, more than 16 million kids aren't sure where their next meal will come from. Tonight, one in seven kids in the world will go to bed hungry.


Help Fight Child Malnutrition and Give Kids a Healthy Start

Your generous donation to Save the Children gives girls and boys a healthy start, opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Our programs worldwide and in the United States include critical nutrition support. Education programs provide nutritious snacks and health monitoring at school. Emergency programs fight famine and acute malnutrition during times of crisis and disaster. Health programs offer comprehensive maternal and child care, including monitoring and supplements to fight chronic malnutrition. Hunger and Livelihoods programs help parents support their children and feed their families. You can be a part of our holistic solution.

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