The Woman Who Saved the Children

Author Clare Mulley Launches a Biography of Eglantyne Jebb, Founder of Save the Children

"The only international language in the world is a child's cry," said Eglantyne Jebb, the unlikely founder of Save the Children International.

Her launch of a British campaign for suffering children in nations was intrepid in the eyes of most of her countrymen. Jebb was already a social crusader to end the Allied blockade of offending countries, and would soon push the envelope even further.

In 1919, Jeb was arrested in London's Trafalgar Square for distributing a leaflet entitled "A Starving Baby” that featured the photo of a malnourished Austrian child, she and sister, Dorothy, held a Famine Council Meeting at Royal Albert Hall during which Eglantyne apologized for her indiscretion, then held up a tin of condensed milk, stating "There is more practical morality in this tin, than in all creeds." With that declaration, a spontaneous collection was taken up around the hall and the Save the Children Fund was born.

Jebb dedicated her life to promoting children's welfare and human rights, permanently changing the way the world treats children. In her new biography of Jebb, "The Woman Who Saved the Children," award-winning author Clare Mulley, a former fundraiser for Save the Children, introduces the world to one of the most charismatic, fiercely intelligent, strikingly beautiful, and influential champions of human rights and examines the motivations behind her direct challenges to the social convictions of her tumultuous era. Scouring letters, diaries and journals, photographs and press clippings, Mulley explores Jebb's many transformations, accomplishments — and contradictions.

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"Eglantyne Jebb completely revolutionised public perceptions of charity and our collective responsibility towards children. This excellent book makes plain that Eglantyne's vision is just as powerful - and relevant - today as it was then... Those who read this book will be inspired — as I am — by a woman who dared to think the impossible and turn it into reality. Her example lays down a challenge to us all."

- Jasmine Whitbread, CEO Save the Children International

"A wonderful biography... All of us who continue to build on Eglantyne's vision are in your debt for giving us the real human being who inspires our work." - Charlie MacCormack CEO, Save the Children USA

"This is a truly brilliant book, about a woman who changed the world for the better and forever." - Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister

"A remarkable and inspiring story of a woman who relished life, lived it to its fullest and did so on her own terms. Clare Mulley's thoughtful and sensitive book gives us a much-needed reminder of the impact one individual can have on our world." - Anne M. Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox Corporation and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Save the Children

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