Haiti Emergency Response

Save the Children has worked in Haiti for over 30 years. As night fell on January 12, 2010, we initiated the largest relief and recovery effort in our history in the Western Hemisphere.

Haiti presented—and still presents—a challenging environment for Save the Children and others addressing the needs of those who were impacted by the earthquake. We recognize that there has been criticism directed toward the international aid community periodically since the disaster. We constantly monitor our programs to ensure that they provide the maximum benefit possible to children and families, and that our donors’ funding has been spent well, and has resulted in positive changes.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and extend our thanks to every donor who has supported this work. We are prepared to sustain our commitment to Haitian children and their families through the end of our multi-year strategy and then beyond.

Backed by the generosity of our donors, we have reached over 1 million Haitian children and adults through earthquake relief and recovery programs. We have sheltered families; provided access to lifesaving health and water and sanitary services; have helped protect children from exploitation; and have helped re-open schools and make them better able to withstand disasters. Read our report: Haiti Three Years After: Sustaining Our Commitment to Children

Haiti Revenue
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