Disaster Relief in America

Save the Children is committed to reducing the impact of disasters on children through effective preparedness, response, recovery, and advocacy. Since 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we’ve emerged as a national leader in emergency response serving more than 1 million children affected by U.S. disasters. We put the unmet needs of children and their caregivers first, keeping them safe and securing the future we share.

Disaster Report Card: Still At Risk

Our 2015 Disaster Report Card reveals progress – and persistent gaps – in protecting U.S. children from disaster since Hurricane Katrina struck a decade ago. That's why Save the Children assesses preparation and safety standards, and advocates for better protection for all children.

Hurricane Katrina led to 5,000 reports of missing children. Make a plan to stay connected with your family during a disaster.

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Hanging on so Tight: An Oklahoma Tornado Survival Story

Preparing a Nation: Get Ready Get Safe

Get Ready Get Safe is a pioneering Save the Children initiative designed to help U.S. communities prepare to protect and care for the most vulnerable among us in times of crisis – our children. We help generate child-focused emergency plans, provide emergency training and ensure emergency resources are in place before crisis strikes. Because we want our kids to just be kids, no matter what happens.

Help protect children in your community by leading a Save the Children Prep Rally!

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