SNL: What We Do


Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, seeks to reduce global neonatal mortality by working in partnership to develop packages of effective, evidence-based newborn care interventions and to implement these innovations at scale.  

To accomplish this goal, the Saving Newborn Lives program:

  • Generates evidence around newborn health, supporting programs and research studies evaluating the most affordable, feasible and effective ways to save newborn lives in low-income settings. Many of the studies evaluate the impact of using existing community health workers to counsel families about newborn care at home and refer them to local health facilities.
  • Advocates for improved policies and funding for newborn health, increased availability and access to routine and emergency newborn care services and supplies, improved quality of newborn care services, and increased knowledge about and demand for newborn care.
  • Works in close partnerships to build consensus around taking action for newborns, reinforced through the identification and development of champions who interact with government, stakeholders and national donors.
  • Provides technical leadership and assistance to implement and integrate newborn care into national health plans and budgets, provider training, behavior change communications, quality assurance and monitoring.
  • Collects and analyzes data on the number and causes of newborn death, both at the global and national level, and works to shed light on previously undocumented and poorly understood areas of newborn mortality, like stillbirths.

Ensuring quality programs reach mothers and newborns involves interactions at national, regional and global levels.  Working alongside valued partners, ministries of health and national stakeholders, SNL provides technical leadership, advocacy, and measurement support and facilitates partners, governments and international organizations to maintain the cycle of evidence generation, consensus building, policy formulation and guidance, and program implementation and learning.

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