Early Childhood Development

Myanmar: A mother teaches her 3-year-old daughter to count the bad grains of rice.

Early Childhood Development is an investment for life. But in countries where poverty, armed conflict, natural disasters, and HIV/AIDS threaten a child's family and community support structures, Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs seldom take priority.

The evidence is mounting: increased global investment in children under 8 years of age today builds a better educated, prosperous, and peaceful citizenry tomorrow.

Children who participate in ECD programs, when compared with children who don't, are more likely to enroll in school, plan their families, become productive adults, and educate their own children.

They also are less likely to repeat a grade, drop out of school, or engage in criminal activities.

Through interventions that engage young children, as well as their parents, caregivers, and communities, Save the Children's ECD programs ensure that young children survive and thrive — that they are physically and emotionally healthy and intellectually curious — and school readiness programs prepare them for school success.

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