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Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria

Children and families in Puerto Rico are still reeling in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastating, direct hit. Save the Children’s relief experts are on the ground right now, doing whatever it takes to care for the most vulnerable in any emergency: children.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Across America, 1 in 5 children grows up in poverty. Of the counties with the highest poverty rates across the U.S., nearly 90% are rural. Because of circumstances beyond their control, millions of children never reach their full potential. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What does it mean to "go without" in America? It can mean no access to simple, but critical things like books, preschool, healthy foods, and places to play and exercise — things that help children thrive and grow in mind and body. It can mean no safety net in times of crisis — or being unable to see a future outside of poverty. We protect the nation’s most vulnerable children and give them early opportunities to learn so they can succeed in school and life.

2017 End of Childhood Report

Childhood should be the time when our nation’s youngest citizens are safe to learn, play and grow. A time to develop into the adults who will one day care for and lead our country, our world, and our future. Yet for millions of children in the United States – and hundreds of millions more children around the world – childhood is ending too soon. Save the Children’s new global report, 2017 End of Childhood Report: Stolen Childhoods, examines “childhood enders”– events and factors that rob children of their childhoods, such as child marriage, infant mortality, extreme violence and displacement by war or conflict.

The 2017 End of Childhood Report placed the United States 36th worldwide for childhood – behind other developed nations including Norway, France, the United Kingdom, and more. To better understand the factors that lead to incomplete childhoods across America, we examined domestic childhood enders including infant mortality, food insecurity, high school drop outs, violence, and teenage pregnancy and ranked all 50 states on where childhood is most intact and most threatened. Click here to learn more and read our U.S. Complement.

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Carolyn Miles with child after Hurricane Sandy

Disaster Relief

Every American child deserves better protection from disasters.

Get Ready Get Safe

Disaster Preparedness

Our Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative has influenced disaster preparedness policy change in 22 states.

Jennifer Garner and another adult reading with a child

Early Steps to School Success

Let's close the achievement gap before it starts.

Child plays basketball

Healthy Choices

Every child deserves a chance at a healthy start.

Children playing outside

Journey of Hope

Building resilience skills for our children nationwide.

Girl writing on notebook


Let the lifelong love of learning begin.

Save the Children staff teaches child


Helping children reach their potential by creating long lasting change.

Ja’Faith looks forward to attending SummerBoost Camp each day

Summer Programs

Learning shouldn’t take a summer break.

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