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See how Save the Children is working around the world and in the U.S. to make sure all girls and boys have a brighter future. Support our mission with a generous gift to our Global Action Fund.
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Nearly 100 years of experience working hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder with families and communities at home and abroad has taught us that poverty need not be a life sentence. By working directly in communities, Save the Children’s approach to relief, recovery and ongoing development has nurtured the seeds of hope for millions of children and their families.

Child Protection: For more than a decade, Save the Children has been protecting children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in all regions of the world. Our programs focus on the most vulnerable children while aiming for the safety and well-being of all children. Read more

Education and Child Development: Education is vital to lasting positive change in children’s lives. Yet for millions of children and youth in developing countries, education is beyond grasp. Save the Children reaches the world’s most marginalized children – those who urgently need education to survive and thrive in more than 30 countries around the world. Read more

Emergency Response: We help protect vulnerable boys and girls during disasters and their aftermath. We also support children's needs throughout ongoing, complex emergencies. Everyday, our disaster relief experts can be found responding to the needs of children during these challenging times, providing essential food, safety, comfort and lifesaving care. Read more

Health and Nutrition: We work to ensure that children, their mothers have access to key health and nutrition services, as well as adopt healthy behaviors in both development and emergency situations. We use proven methods fight the major causes of illness, death and malnutrition, and innovate ways to deliver these services most effectively to as many people as possible, especially in impoverished communities, during emergencies and in the aftermath of disasters. Read more

HIV and AIDS: We are responding to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Asia, Eurasia and the Caribbean by partnering with communities to tackle HIV/AIDS as well as supporting children and families in need. These partnerships focus on two primary goals: raising awareness about ways to prevent new infection and adopt healthy practices and providing care and support for children and families affected by the pandemic.. Read more

Hunger and Livelihoods: Children are more likely to be safe, educated and healthy when families have secure livelihoods and can support themselves. We work with vulnerable families to help ensure that they can afford to pay for basic needs and services for their children and provide access to sufficient, nutritious food all year round. We also offer assistance when shocks, such as rising food prices or natural or man-made disasters, threaten to devastate families. Read more

U.S. Programs: Nearly one in every four children in the U. S. lives in a poor family, according to the most recent figures from the federal government. We work in impoverished communities across the nation, in some places where conditions resemble parts of the developing world. We provide early childhood development, literacy, physical activity, and nutrition programming. Save the Children also responds to emergencies and natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Oklahoma tornadoes, California wildfires and the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Read more

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