Emergency Response

Watch highlights of our emergency response and disaster relief efforts around the world.


Protecting Children

No one knows when the next earthquake, flood or tsunami will strike. But we do know children are severely affected by natural disasters. They also suffer greatly during conflict, drought and disease outbreaks. In 2012, we helped more than 9 million children through our emergency response programs.

That's why Save the Children is prepared to help protect vulnerable boys and girls during disasters and their aftermath. We also support children's needs throughout ongoing, complex emergencies.

On any given day, Save the Children's disaster relief experts can be found responding to the needs of children during these challenging times, providing essential food, safety, comfort and lifesaving care.

Help us prepare for emergencies around the world by contributing to our Children's Emergency Fund

Current and Ongoing Emergencies

  • Typhoon Haiyan: Save the Children launches disaster relief efforts in the Philippines.
  • Syrian Crisis: Humanitarian needs are at critical levels inside Syria, with more than 4 million people in urgent need of relief.
  • South Sudan Crisis: Save the Children is supporting the distribution of vital shelter and other critical humanitarian aid.
  • West Africa Hunger Crisis: Save the Children is on the ground providing lifesaving support
  • East Africa Food Crisis: Save the Children is providing emergency feeding and care for children affected by the crisis.

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Disaster Relief and Emergency Response Background

Emergency assistance is a core part of Save the Children's work. Whether recovering from Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake or the Indian Ocean Tsunami, children face an insecure and uncertain future in the aftermath of a disaster. Since our founding, Save the Children has responded to the needs of boys and girls in crisis around the world. Learn more about historical emergencies

Responding to Emergencies

Save the Children responds to three basic types of emergencies — sudden-onset, slow-onset and complex emergencies. Save the Children develops and maintains local and international partnerships to meet the challenges posed by disasters and crises in high risk communities worldwide. Read more about our emergency response programs


Over the past two decades, the number of natural disasters has increased four fold. But there is much that can be done to prevent and ease the suffering of children in the aftermath. In response, Save the Children has pioneered child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction. Read more about our emergency preparedness programs

Ways You Can Help

Support for a Global Action Fund provides footholds in the world's hot spots as well as in the world's most desperate, isolated places.

Help us prepare for emergencies around the world by contributing to our Children's Emergency Fund

In addition, you can help make a difference by supporting all the work that Save the Children does to help children in need in the U.S. and around the world. Donate Now to Support our Mission

Last Updated November 2013