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About Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country. Widespread poverty, political instability and regional separatism hinder Indonesia’s development. The severe inequity of resource distribution to many parts of the country affect children disproportionately in their early and developing years.

Facts About

More than 257.6 Million
live there

About 14% of girls and boys are out of school

27 out of 1000 children die
before their 5th birthday

Our Work

Save the Children has worked in Indonesia for more than threes decades. In recent years, it has responded to nearly all minor, medium-sized and major natural disasters in the country. In addition to providing immediate relief to children and families after a disaster, we help communities prepare for emergencies and reduce risks posed by disasters in the future.

The Asia tsunami of December 26, 2004 struck Indonesia with what could be called the biggest catastrophe in modern history. Thanks to the outpouring of support from donors, the once devastated province of Aceh is a remarkably different place than in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami. Today, it is bustling with vibrant communities, new businesses and bright hopes for the future.

Our Work in

Last Year, Save the Children...

protected 22,388
from harm

supported 18,793
in times of crisis

provided 176,284 children
with a healthy start in life

helped 1,461 families
feed their children

gave 403 children
vital nourishment

Sponsor A Child

Since 2013, Save the Children in Indonesia has worked with local communities and organizations to design Sponsorship programs for kids. Targeted to help children from early childhood to early adulthood, our programs work to make a healthy and safe environment where children can learn and grow. Our early childhood programs help prepare toddlers and young children for school by giving them access to quality preschools and early literacy programs, while our programs designed for primary school-aged kids work to transform students into lifelong learners by building strong curriculums and passionate teachers. Thanks to the generous support from our community of sponsors, these essential programs in Indonesia continue to give children a healthy start and the opportunity to learn, protecting them from harm along the way.

Sponsor a Child

Unless otherwise noted, facts and statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s 2017 End of Childhood Report. You can access detailed data here.

Other sources as follows: Population: CIA World Factbook 2015;

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