Save the Children Flying Aid to Typhoon-Affected Areas in Philippines

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WESTPORT, Conn. (November 13, 2013) — Save the Children is emptying warehouses of aid from three continents to send to the Philippines to deliver help on the ground to children and their families following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

Technical and medical experts have scrambled from around the world to deliver aid arriving by plane to support people across the country, including:

  • More than 100 staff already on the ground in the hardest hit areas;
  • A team of 12 doctors coordinated by Save the Children arriving to offer immediate treatment of the injured and sick;
  • Nine senior logistics experts – from Britain, Australia, and Denmark – making sure help gets through to the people who need it most; and
  • Teams assessing need in Llolio-llolio, Rohas, Tacloban, and two sites on the island of Cebu.

More planes are planned for the coming days which will see aid delivered from warehouses in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Medical support is desperately needed as the full extent of the devastation is realized.

Cat Carter, Save the Children spokesperson speaking from Tacloban, said: "We are talking to doctors in Tacloban who are completely running out of medicine and supplies, finding conditions impossible and unable to do their job. They are desperate to treat children with injuries sustained during the storm and are now seeing young patients coming to them showing symptoms of flu and diarrhea and suffering from fevers.

"The lack of shelter, lack of food and bottled water is only making things worse as children suffer under such brutal conditions.

"There are still dead bodies and carcases of animals also litter the ground. There are major concerns that these could be a health hazard which will heap further pressure on doctors and medical teams.

"We have a strong teams on the ground which are doing all they can in extremely difficult conditions. Aid is on the way and will be distributed as soon as possible."

When our medical teams arrive they will give priority to open wounds, and obstetrics and pediatric care to pregnant mothers, babies and children.

Save the Children President and CEO Carolyn Miles said, "Aid is on its way and we have experts on the ground in the places hit hard by the typhoon to make sure it is delivered to children and families as quickly and safely as possible."

A Save the Children aid plane will arrive in Cebu Thursday.

Supplies and aid on board include:

  • 2,000 sheets of tarpaulin & 7,380 pieces of plastic sheeting
  • 12,000 blankets
  • 4 mobile clinics with all the necessary medical equipment
  • 13,600 Jerry Cans
  • 2,500 Kitchen Sets
  • 500 New Born Kits
  • 100 'Winterized Tents'
  • 5,000 buckets

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