The Time to Advocate for Refugees Is Now

Today, conflicts around the world continue to displace children of all ages. The dangers inherent to child refugees and internally displaced children put them at risk every day.  In conflict, everything is on the table – death, injury, sexual violence, protection risks.  Children are terrified. They are hearing explosions, they are being asked to flee with just the clothes on their backs. The risk to their mental health and potential for long-term trauma cannot be underestimated.

Save the Children is an organization that helps refugees and an outspoken champion for every last child. Together with our political advocacy arm, Save the Children Action Network, we work to ensure children’s voices are heard, their rights are realized and their issues are given top priority.

With the world's focus on Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and too many other growing refugee crises, it's more important that we advocate for refugees and children displaced by conflict. Learn more about refugee advocacy by visiting  Save the Children Advocacy Network (SCAN) and help secure a brighter future for children.

How to Advocate for Refugees

Learn more about the issues facing refugees and children displaced by conflict — and what you can do to become an advocate for asylum advocacy.

Advocate for children in danger in Ukraine

Syria, a little girl in a black winter coat stands outside her tent

Every single child in Ukraine is in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and displacement. Million of children and families have fled as a result, leading to one of the largest refugee crises in the world. 

Advocate for Ukraine refugee children and those and displaced in Ukraine by  joining our political advocacy arm — Save the Children Advocacy Network's —  efforts. Send a message to President Biden and Congress: we must investigate the violence against kids and families in Ukraine and ensure those responsible are held to account. 

Advocate to help fight the global mental health crisis for kids

In Tigray, a young girl works on a colorful painting as part of a mental health support program that helps children in conflict.

Today, a record number of children – 1 in 6 – are living in war zones around the world. Children in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and around the world are facing unimaginable mental and physical trauma than ever before. And due to the pandemic, global levels of poverty are on the rise while mental health is declining – especially amongst kids.

Advocate for refugee children and displaced children around the world by joining our political advocacy arm — Save the Children Advocacy Network's —  efforts. Send a message to your members of Congress: pass the MINDS Act to help at-risk kids heal and grow. 

Advocate to increase foreign aid funding for refugee children

In Bangladesh, a girl and boy sit together.

The United States recently helped thousands of Afghan children and families fleeing violence. Many are now seeking to build new lives in our country.  

For those who have already arrived safely on U.S. soil, their journeys are far from over. It is our duty to provide them with reliable humanitarian assistance – halting deportations of these refugees, expediting family reunification, securing safe housing, and providing access to legal and case management services. 

Join our political advocacy - Save the Children Action Network's - refugee and asylum advocacy efforts by sending a message to Congress: We must increase foreign aid funding for displaced kids and families who desperately need support.


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