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Writing to the Child You Sponsor

To have the greatest impact for children enrolled in our programs, all new child sponsorships offer the opportunity to receive updates on a child and other children, families and communities benefiting from your support. We no longer offer new opportunities to write to a child. Why? To reduce operational costs and help direct more money towards programs that help children have a healthy start in life, access to education and protection from harm. If you're already corresponding with a child, you can continue to write to them. 

Here are a few tips:

  • We suggest sending no more than two messages per year, ideally by email, which is free through your online account. 
  • If you prefer to send via post, it can take a few months (or longer!) to translate and deliver letters to the remote communities where we work. You can include a photo of yourself so they can put a face to your name. Please ensure photos are age and culturally appropriate and do not highlight any personal information such as where you live or your last name. Check out your letter’s journey below!

Please do not include any cash or gifts. This will help us protect children from harm and create a positive experience for all children in the community.

To protect children and sponsors like you, Save the Children doesn't allow unmonitored communication between a sponsor and a child. All communications will be processed through our country office staff, so they can check for appropriateness and manage translations and delivery. Please don't share personal contact information, like last names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, school name or anything else that could be used to identify or locate you or the child you sponsor.

Because cash can make children a target in some of the economically deprived areas where we work, please don't send money directly to the child you sponsor. Additional monetary gifts to support our overall work can be made through our website or our Supporter Experience Center and are always appreciated! These valuable funds will support the programs that may benefit the child you sponsor and other children in the U.S. and around the world — helping us to make an even bigger difference in their lives and futures.

Thank you for your commitment to keeping children safe!

Your Letter's Journey

Your Letter's Journey