Your Support Can Change the Life of a Child

When you sponsor a child, you’re helping to ensure they can grow up healthy, learning and safe – no matter where they were born. Too many children right here in the U.S. and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a sponsor, you can help change that.

Learn How Sponsorship Works

Three children in Afghanistan sit and hold hand-made signs for what they want to be when they grow up.

Save the Children was the first organization to offer supporters the opportunity to sponsor an individual child. Today, over 80,000 Americans support Save the Children as donors, sponsors and supporters.

When you sponsor a child, you’re not only helping to support a girl or boy as they grow and learn. Your monthly support gets combined with the support of other sponsors – ultimately helping Save the Children ensure that all children – regardless of whether they have a sponsor – are receiving the life-changing benefits of sponsorship.

When you chose to sponsor a child, you can consider things like the age, gender and location of the child. Once matched, you’ll receive a welcome kit that includes more information about your sponsored child, including a photo and information about how you’re changing lives in your sponsorship community.

As you watch your ongoing support work to transform the life of your child, you’ll continue to get updates on how your sponsorship is making an incredible difference.


Get Started on Your Sponsorship Journey

What You Receive When You Sponsor a Child:

  • A welcome kit, including a photo and information about your child.
  • The opportunity to write letters back and forth with your child.
  • Annual updates and ongoing print communications highlighting the impact of your sponsorship on your child and in the community.
  • A personalized online account where updated photos, videos and information about your child will be shared to keep you engaged.
  • The joy of knowing you’re truly making a difference!

What Your Sponsored Child Receives:

  • A brighter future, thanks to you.
  • The opportunity to receive a message from a far-away friend. (Most children have never received a piece of mail in their entire lives!)
  • Safe and friendly places to learn and play.
  • Your continued support and investment in their community.
  • Change that lasts a lifetime. 

The Power of Sponsorship in Action


In 2019, more than 211,000 sponsors worldwide supported programs that directly benefited nearly 2.6 million children and parents in 22 countries around the world – including the United States. Thanks to our growing community of child sponsors, we continue to increase our impact and reach, helping more children than we did the year before.

For about a $1 a day, you can change the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor.

  • 9k teachers trained to be more effective
  • 15 new schools and playgrounds built
  • 248K children received vision & hearing screenings
  • 67K books distributed to support literacy
  • 6K adolescents given life skills training

Where Your Sponsorship Support Goes

The power of sponsorship drives change that ripples throughout children’s lives, their families and entire communities. Last year, sponsors like you helped nearly 2.6 million children across 22 countries. Here are just a few examples of how your support makes a difference.

A baby girl receives a check-up at a medical caravan.

Healthy Moms and Babies

In Egypt, women and newborn children in remote villages struggle to receive the healthcare they need. To ensure these children have the healthiest start in life, we provide over 30 mobile health caravans to conduct medical exams and meet the needs of mothers and babies in remote areas.


A girl and a health worker in Mali.

Healthy Boys and Girls

In Mali, malaria poses a real threat to keeping children from being healthy and in school. To prevent this, we provide seasonal in school malaria treatments, reaching over 50,000 children in 3 districts last year.

A kindergarten student in El Salvador checks his homework with his teacher.

Early Learners

In El Salvador, we are ensuring that sponsored pre-schools are set for success! This includes training almost 100 nursery teachers in inclusive educational practices, as well as providing every school with books, learning tools and puzzles to create a fun and engaging place to learn.


A young girl helps younger students read along in a storybook.

Successful Students

In Indonesia, we are implementing our flagship Literacy Boost program to improve students’ reading levels. These programs have been embraced by children, with over 70 students serving as Reading Ambassadors who encourage younger students in their school to read.


Three girls in Malawi read a book together.

Empowered Teens

In Malawi, teens are receiving training that leads into self-employment and a future livelihood. Last year, 260 teens received these life skills, with many producing clothes to sell through group businesses.


Sponsorship Growth and Graduation

Empowering Communities For More Than a Decade

Sponsorship programs are structured with growth in mind—both your child’s growth and the growth of the community. As such, partnerships are designed for a period of 8 to 10 years.

This long-term commitment allows us to thoroughly assess the community’s needs and deliver successful sponsorship programs that achieve lasting results.

When our teams transition out of an area, we work to carefully transfer ownership of our programs to local community members. This allows us to move on to help girls and boys in other communities while ensuring the successes we achieved for children continue.

Changes with Your Sponsored Child

We work in real communities, with real families, often in difficult situations. We strive to provide a safe environment for children to learn, grow and play, but sometimes situations change. Children must leave our programs – for example, because the family has moved to a new home in another community.

If your child leaves our sponsorship program, your sponsorship will be moved to a new child, so that you can continue helping children in need. You’ll also have the opportunity to send a goodbye letter to your previously sponsored child.

Saying goodbye can be hard, but a letter can help bring a sense of closure to your relationship and let your child know that your care doesn’t end with the program.

Stories from Sponsored Children


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