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Save the Children & the Movie "Barbie" Are Helping Children Achieve Their Dreams​

Have you heard? We’re partnering with the movie "Barbie" to help girls everywhere achieve their dreams!​ With the right opportunities, they can be anything: teachers, pilots, doctors, poets - the sky's the limit!

The "Barbie" premiere on July 21 was highly anticipated and garnered significant attention, with the opening weekend seeing hundreds of thousands of movie-goers and a record-setting $155 million at the national box office. Filled with themes of girls’ empowerment, the film inspires girls around the world to make their dreams a reality.

In partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) and Mattel, Save the Children’s Barbie campaign supports early education throughout the U.S., as well as summer and after-school programming. This will help ensure children and their families have the resources and support they need during a critical development period for the brain when language, communication, social, emotional and many other skills are learned. 

Evidence-based gender empowerment programs have the power to address inequalities and transform unbalanced norms. We can create a more equal future for the current generation of children, and partnerships – like our Barbie campaign with WBD and Mattel – help us move closer to making it a reality.

As the first non-profit to be Gender Fair certified for our commitment to advancing gender equality and empowering the world’s girls and young women, Save the Children upholds gender equality as a human right integral to lifelong positive outcomes for children and their communities. 

Meet four girls whose lives have been touched through our programs across the U.S. Then, join us in showing your unwavering support for millions of girls around the world who deserve every opportunity to thrive and fulfill their dreams.

Kloee and Aubrey love making lunch with ingredients from Save the Children’s meal kits.

1. Kloee (11) and Aubrey (9) West Virginia ​

Kloee and Aubrey love making lunch with ingredients from Save the Children’s meal kits. Packed with fresh fruits and veggies, they provide the nutrition the sisters need to thrive.​


2. Aubree (2) South Carolina​

Home visits from Save the Children inspired Aubree’s mom to be her daughter’s first teacher, making the 2-year old a strong learner from the start. 


3. Elizabeth (7) Kentucky

Our literacy programs helped Elizabeth nurture a passion for reading. Now, she’s a writer-to-be with over 100 original stories to her name!​

We believe a world where every girl has the power to determine her own future is possible, and we can help make it happen. Helping girls like Kloee, Aubrey, Elizabeth, and Aubree stay healthy and learn is just one of many steps we take to set girls up for success later in life.

Mattel, creator of the global icon Barbie and IP owner of the brand, has partnered with Save the Children for nearly two decades. In 2018, we launched the Barbie Dream Gap Project to close the gap that comes between girls and their full potential. The Dream Gap for young girls still exists, but new research shows the challenges do not lie in girls lacking self-confidence or drive — the gaps often occur in the world around them.

Acknowledging these gaps, the stars of the movie "Barbie," including Margot Robbie, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, and Will Ferrell, have come together in a powerful text-to-donate PSA. They urge viewers to text ‘Barbie’ to 707070 and join WBD in supporting our work and the transformative Barbie Dream Gap Project. By taking this simple step, you can become an essential part of empowering girls and making their dreams a reality.

Together, Save the Children and "Barbie" envision a world where a girl’s future is determined by her dreams — not her gender.​ Show your support for girls nationwide and across the globe by making a donation today!

Save the Children and "Barbie" envision a world where a girl’s future is determined by her dreams — not her gender.​

Ready to make those dreams a reality? Join us with a donation today!​