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Save the Children CEO Janti Soeripto on the Death of Colleague Sameh Ewaida and his Family

(December 12, 2023) - It is with profound sadness that we confirm our Save the Children colleague and his family were killed by an airstrike in Gaza.

Sameh Ewaida, 39, was the proud father of four children Mohammad (12), Hebba (11), Zeina (3), and Zein (2). There are no words strong enough to express our outrage. 

Sameh was a much-loved member of our team of 25 in Gaza, all of whom have been working tirelessly to support children in the most challenging and dangerous conditions. He will be remembered for dancing at staff workshops and spreading such joy and kindness to all.

Our colleagues in Gaza are not safe. 

They tell us they’re making the daily choice of staying with their families in one place so that they can die together or go out to seek water and food. Too many families like Sameh’s have been killed, too many communities ripped apart. Thousands of others in Gaza have been killed.

Enough is enough. Global leaders — especially the U.S. government — need to take action. We need a definitive ceasefire and we need it now.

Because if this relentless bombardment and siege continues, there will be no "day after" for Gaza. 

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