Innovation has been at the core of Save the Children’s identity since our founding nearly 100 years ago. Today, it’s driving progress as we look forward to the next 100 years of change for children. . Now more than ever, thinking and acting differently is essential achieve our ambitious goals for children in today’s rapidly changing world. That’s why, innovators like you joined us in making strategic investments in our proven ability to challenge the status quo, every day, across all areas of our work.

Since then, our experts have generated over 150 ideas. To date,12 promising innovations have been awarded pilot seed funding to. As the leading expert on children with a 120-country global footprint, Save the Children has unparalleled ability to not only develop and test these innovations, but to dramatically scale what works, creating lasting, systemic change for children.

Learn About Our Innovation Breakthroughs for Children

Investment Criteria

Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility Assessment

  • Technical and financial
  • Estimated time to pilot
  • Monitoring and evaluation
Level of Disruption

Level of Disruption

  • Evolutionary vs. revolutionary
  • Systemic change
  • First or second mover
Potential Impact

Potential Impact

  • Increased reach
  • Improved outcomes
  • Sustainable revenue

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships are critical to all that we do at Save the Children. Our partners provide the skills, networks and resources we need to develop, test, replicate and scale the most promising innovations for children. We invite you to invest in Save the Children, so that together we can realize the breakthroughs and develop the new ideas needed to create lasting, systemic change for children.

You can invest in children by:


These investments will underpin the entire breadth of innoviations platform. This includes discovering and generating ideas, refining and assessing pilots, and establishing proof-of-concept data and results to finally scale up and replicate proven innovations. These funds will also support the work of our core innovations team, as well as help to invest in and train innovation Champions embedded across Save the Children's organization.


Our innovation pipeline surfaces and incubates ideas, and accelerates new approaches and technologies that can meet the needs of the communities in which we work. Funds in this area will help move promising projects across the pipeline stages to ensure that we can test, assess and move new ideas through our pipeline in an ongoing way. We will work with you to find the best fit project-level investment based on your interest in thematic areas, locations and other factors.


We welcome advisory and technical support on innovation. We are actively seeking experts and thought leadership partners across the various technological, training-related or strategic planning areas that are critical to our success. We seek partners who wish to combine cash investment with the core skills that can bring our work to the next level, and build permanent capacity.

Partner Testimonials

Niels Buning, Venture Manager, Philips Africa Innovation Hub.

"The advancement of the SDGs is driven by equitable innovation strategies and closer engagements between the public and private sector, to create more equitable access to quality health-care services. Our joint research partnership, focused on children’s automated respiration monitoring to aid in the improvement of diagnosing pneumonia in low-resource settings, is a great example of this. The coming together of resources and capabilities have resulted in a meaningful and impactful research project.”
Niels Buning, Venture Manager, Philips Africa Innovation Hub

Jacqueline Fuller, Director at Google.

"At, we support innovative organizations who are using new approaches to tackle humanitarian challenges. While Save the Children has nearly a 100-year history of working to change the way the world treats children, it is among our most innovative and forward-thinking partners. We are proud to support its work.”
Jacqueline Fuller, Director of

Caroline Roan, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility Pfizer Inc. President, The Pfizer Foundation.

“We are pleased to partner with Save the Children on innovative approaches to improving access to immunization and family planning services for women and children in Malawi. Our multi-dimensional partnership with Save is built on a foundation of shared goals in expanding access to quality healthcare for women and children, a commitment to innovation and iteration in our approach, and strong monitoring and evaluation systems to understand impact.”
Caroline Roan, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility Pfizer Inc. President, The Pfizer Foundation


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