Child Trafficking Awareness

Child trafficking is a crime that exploits girls and boys for numerous purposes including forced labor and sex. Because child trafficking is lucrative and often linked with criminal activity and corruption, it is hard to estimate how many children suffer, but trafficking and exploitation is an increasing risk to children around the world. When human trafficking occurs, children are often trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation or for labor such as domestic servitude, agricultural work, factory work, mining or are forced to fight in conflicts.

Facts about Child Exploitation

There are 215 million children engaged in child labor, with 115 million of those children in hazardous work. Sometimes sold by a family member or an acquaintance, sometimes lured by false promises of education and a "better" life — the reality is that these trafficked and exploited children are held in slave-like conditions without enough food, shelter, or clothing and often severely abused and cut off from all contact with their families. And many of these victims are girls.

  • Human trafficking is a crime that exploits children1
  • Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking1
  • 98% of sexually abused survivors are women and children2
  • 168 million children are victims of forced labor1

How Can We End Child Trafficking?

Thanks to supporters like you, Save the Children’s child protection experts work to combat child trafficking through prevention, protection, and prosecution. In order to maximize our efforts, we work with communities, local organizations and civil society, and national governments to protect children from being exploited, and to help restore the dignity of children who have survived. With your help, they can:

  • Support livelihoods to help families avoid the need to have their children work.
  • Raise awareness of trafficking, reducing the number of children being trafficked.
  • Rehabilitate survivors, and help them rebuild their lives.
  • Protect unaccompanied refugee children, and keep them from the clutches of traffickers.

1 United Nations: World Day Against Human Trafficking
2 UN


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