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Picture a world without numbers — with a little help from John Oliver, Michael Boatman, Julie Bowman and Simon Helberg.

Children's Math Programs

Numeracy Boost

Imagine a world with no math. No way to calculate your batting average or track your Twitter followers. Say it Ain't So!

This kind of world may seem funny to many of us, but living without math skills severely limits a child’s future learning and earning potential. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for many children living in poor countries. So we put our heads together, and we've found the solution to the problem: Numeracy Boost. And you, of course.

What is Numeracy Boost?

Numeracy Boot is a math education program that focuses on teaching children the basic math skills they need to thrive in daily life. From counting cattle to charting the rainy seasons, these skills aren't just "good to have." They are essential to helping children reach their full potential.

Kids will gain skills through the help of dedicated teachers trained in better teaching practices. And they'll also learn math outside of school hours through community activities like annual "Math Days," and by pairing up with "Numeracy Boost Buddies" to help them stay on top of their game.

Numeracy Boost is already improving children’s math skills around the world, but we need your help to bring Numeracy Boost to more vulnerable kids in need.

Why does Save the Children focus on math?

Recent research has shown that early exposure to math education concepts, activities, ideas, and ‘math talk’ positively impacts later school achievement. Research has also shown that children’s early math knowledge is linked to later school performance and is an even greater predictor of later school success than early literacy abilities. Save the Children’s own assessment results from Literacy Boost programs in Nepal and Malawi show that children are achieving learning gains not only in literacy but also in numeracy as they participate in reading programs.

Most importantly, mastery of mathematics skills and concepts is important for children and adults to function in communities, work, and daily life.

How does the program work?

Numeracy Boost works at three levels: the student, the teacher, and the community. First, we measure what students already know about math. Second, we give teachers concrete skills in math to help develop their students' math knowledge and understanding.

Finally, we know that math isn't just a subject taught in a classroom—math is everywhere! So the third piece involves families and communities in activities like family math days and math camps that have kids and families doing fun math projects together – like cooking, going to the market, harvesting – activities that show how math is a big part of everyone's daily lives.