eBay for Charity listings get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings.

eBay Charity Auctions

Shop, Sell, and Donate for a Good Cause this holiday season with eBay for Charity!

eBay for Charity is integrated into eBay's regular buying and selling platform, making it easy for people to support causes, by enabling sellers to donate a portion of their sales and buyers to shop while supporting their favorite charities. Save the Children can use your help by buying, selling and/or donating on eBay for the holidays.

Last year, the eBay Community auctions helped Save the Children raise more than $200,000 for children in need! Let's make this year even better for children!

Here's How You Can Help Donate this Holiday

Save us as your favorite nonprofit on eBay and support us every time you buy and sell

  1. When you make us your favorite charity on eBay, you can donate $1 (or more) to Save the Children every time you make a purchase from your holiday shopping list.
  2. Each time you create a listing you will be able to easily designate a percentage of your sale to Save the Children. Click here for helpful tips to create your listings.

Shoppers: making a difference with every eBay charity sale

Donate Now: providing cash contributions

  • If you can't find anything to buy or sell, anyone with a PayPal account can make an online cash holiday donation of as little as $1 to Save the Children through the Donate Now program. Shoppers also can donate at eBay checkout throughout the holidays.

Sign Up for PayPal

PayPal Giving Fund, eBay’s non-profit partner

eBay teamed up with PayPal Giving Fund to certify nonprofits for participation in eBay for Charity and process the millions of dollars in donations given every year through the program.

Any nonprofit that wishes to be part of eBay for Charity is screened by PayPal Giving Fund. The screening process includes:

  • Reviewing each nonprofit's mission statement to confirm that they do not promote hate, violence or illegal activity
  • Checking all nonprofits against an international database to confirm they are not connected to any terrorist groups
  • Verifying that organizations who apply are, and remain, in good standing with the IRS (any nonprofits that lose their tax-deductible status are removed from the eBay for Charity program).

Thanks to operating support from PayPal, 100% of every holiday charity donation processed by PayPal Giving Fund reaches the donor's chosen nonprofit organization. And because PayPal Giving Fund is a nonprofit itself, 100% of your donation amount is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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